Who manages the PB Swiss Tools company, and how many employees
does it have?

The owners Max Baumann (CTO) and Eva Jaisli (CEO) are managing the company in its fourth generation. 150 employees work at the two locations in Wasen and Sumiswald. We produce 10 million tools and instruments every year.


What are the milestones of the family-owned company?
The success story began in 1878 in Wasen in the Swiss Emmental. Back then, the forge produced nose rings for the restraint of steers, but also whisks for the army and mouse traps for farmers. In 1916, the founder of the company, Paul Baumann, took over the forge and established the family-owned company PB Baumann GmbH. It has been producing tools since 1940. The renowned first screwdriver with the red transparent handle was developed by Max Baumann Sr. It is still a component of our product range today which we have been exporting successfully for 60 years now. Today, the pros of the industry and the do-it-yourselfers in mode than 70 countries select our premium tools.

Since 2011, we have been expanding the diversification of our assortment with medical instruments: OPERACE, the new instruments for removing metal, ensure gentle surgical procedures, short operating and recovery times. 


Why did PB Baumann change its name to PB Swiss Tools on
August 1, 2006?

To underscore the quality. Every tool from PB Swiss Tools is manufactured exclusively in the company-owned production plants in Emmental and, for this reason, enjoys an unlimited guarantee. For more than 135 years, we have been championing Switzerland as an industrial center and think-tank. With this tradition, we bring progress to the valley and secure the apprenticeships and workplaces in the peripheral region.


How is the business developing?
We are an export-oriented SME that is distinguishing itself worldwide through quality leadership and innovation. The company has continuously grown in recent decades. 66 percent of the brand products are being exported. In the Swiss and European tool market for professionals, we achieved a high market penetration. We are investing in market share expansion and do so primarily in Asia.


What are the latest novelties and innovations?
Every year, we successfully introduce new products on the market. We honor this promise, among other things, with innovative product lines for working with predefined torque settings. This enables absolutely precise limiting of the energy required for screwing in screws.

Our integrated management system was expanded with the certification in accordance with ISO 13485 (SQS Reg. No. 10762). One requirement for advancing the development of medical instruments. We are continuously renewing and optimizing the processes that create the best prerequisites for the reliability of our premium products.


Who funds these innovations? 25 percent of sales are reinvested in the company. This is possible only because the owner-managed company is absolutely debt-free. With this significant amount, we are funding product and process innovations. Several machines in the production facilities have been developed by us and expanded for high process efficiency. That, too, is one of our strengths.

Eva Jaisli
CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Tuning Her Success in Countries
Far Away

«Handelszeitung» 20/2007