30.05.2017 | In the media
How It's Made – Hex Key L-Wrenches
Movie from Sciene Channel, published on January 4th, 2017 read more
10.05.2017 | In the media
Pick 'n' Mix
Article from the magazine cyclist, issue March 2017 read more
09.05.2017 | In Focus
Swiss Made - A Recipe for Success
Durability, precision and reliability: These core values define the policy for quality at PB Swiss Tools. Highly trained specialists are required to implement this policy. With internationally recognized vocational training in Switzerland, we have the ideal prerequisites to develop innovative solutions with internal and external experts. read more
27.03.2017 | Newsletter
Product Innovations 2017
We all value reliability, both professionally and in our free time. If tools play a key role in fulf lling demanding tasks, then you can fully rely upon our quality tools. read more
Greatest Demands
Immerse yourself in the exciting product videos of the Stadler Rail and the Jungfrau Railway, Swiss companies with the greatest demands on people and tools: ElectroTools, Mallets and Hex key L-wrenches. read more
01.02.2017 | Newsletter
Tool4You & Limited Editions
On our website you will fnd the selected favourable tools, whether as a welcome gift or as a collector’s item. read more