Demo modules available for presentations and demonstrations


PB Swiss Tools ratchets are without a doubt the best choice for one handed turning and difficult access rates. Ergonomic and quick working for better work results.

Striking tools
Attractive presentation of the PB Swiss Tools range for safe, efficient work in industry, construction and trade.

Torque Tools
Experience how you can use the advantages of the PB Swiss Tools torque tools in a playful manner.

Torque handles 0.1-5.0 Nm
Application examples illustrate where and how the Torque tools with screwdriver handle can be utilized best for small and medium torques.

Torque handles 3.2-16 Nm
The demo module for torque screwdrivers with pistol grip for high torques. Application examples from a selection of different screw profiles and torques.

Dead-blow mallets
In the mallet head, disks are integrated on an axis which are propelled forward in the direction of the strike upon impact, thereby absorbing the rebound.

PB 225, reversible handle
The professional tool for screwing and tightening in one!

Hex key L-wrench
The PB Swiss Tools hex keys have more ergonomic dimensions compared with ISO standards - more application avantages.

Torque meter
Torque is the product of force x lever. The unit is a Newton meter (Nm). The PB Swiss Tools torque module enables you to «bring abstract terms to life».