PB Swiss Tools Sales Stands - the modular solution
Sales stands for PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers for setting up on the sales counter and for hanging on the hole wall system (Euro hole pattern). 13 rows with 6 tools (PB 9008) and 13 rows with 10 tools (PB 9009), can be flexibly arranged as you wish. We will be happy to advise you about the different options. Please ask us. 

Equip and order the new PB 9008 and PB 9009 sales stands easily and comfortably:

  1. Download the PDF file "Overview Tools for Sales Stands with Sleeve System" and the excel table "9008 and 9009 Sales Stands".

  2. Choose in the PDF file the wanted tools and the corresponding order numbers.

  3. Enter the order numbers at the corresponding positions in the excel table "9008 and 9009 Sales Stands". In case of different versions, please fill in the corresponding number of tables. The PB Swiss Tools numbers of the tools and the adequate size of the sleeves will automatically appear in the lower part of the table.

  4. Send the excel table together with address and name to PB Swiss Tools.
    Fax: +41 (0)34 437 71 90

(The table can be filled in by hand) 

PDF File "Overview Tools"
Excel table "9008 and 9009 Sales Stands"


Sales stands small and big for screwdrivers to set up on the counter or hanging up (foldable feet).