In an emergency every second counts! You must be able to open a hydrant immediately and with very little effort. With the support of the Hinni company we have taken on this challenge and developed a hydrant key that meets stringent specifications and releases the water in just a few seconds. We considered, tested and further developed various possibilities.

With just one turn of the hand

  • the protecting cap of the hydrant is opened (Fig. 1)
  • the hydrant can be activated with the square nut (Fig. 2)

The square nut is covered with proven Swissgrip material in order to protect the enamel coating of the hydrant (Fig. 3). You can act swiftly, safely and reliably, even with wet hands: the strong polyamide handles have a rough, slip-proof surface.

Technical data:

  • height 217 mm, width 390 mm
  • weight 790 g
  • steel pipes: 52
  • forged square nut
  • torque up to 400 Nm

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