The fire department in New Zealand uses the latest safety technology to protect its fire fighters. The new compressed-air breathing apparatus Dräger PSS 5000 represents the latest state of the art technology and can be used for extended rescue missions. Batteries and electronics are located in a special compartment, protected against gas, smoke, heat, fire and water (Ingress Protection IP67).

This compartment must be opened and closed for maintenance purposes. To ensure the operation of the equipment and the protection of the fire fighters, the compartment must be closed to a precisely specified torque value.

Lifesaving technology
After an intensive evaluation phase, the manufacturer of the compressed-air breathing apparatus together with the national fire fighting organization in New Zealand decided on the torque handle PB 8315.A.

PB 8315.A

Its special quality features:

  • Factory pre-set torque
  • Handle end imprinted with pre-set torque value
  • Ensures no incorrect settings and simple operation 
  • Perfect price-performance ratio
  • 100% developed and produced in Switzerland, therefore guaranteed to be reliable




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