5 questions to CEO Eva Jaisli

Since the abolition of the minimum euro exchange rate, there are hardly any exporting companies that develop and produce 100% of their products in Switzerland. Why not outsource?
As a manufacturer of high-end products, we guarantee excellent quality. This means that we need to monitor all raw materials and processes and, if necessary, take immediate measures to optimize them. If action needs to be taken, this can affect several other processes. Therefore the fewer steps this involves, the easier it is. We can also call on highly trained specialists in both the Development and Production departments.

So outsourcing has never been an option?
It goes without saying that we assess our competitiveness on a targeted and continual basis. We face all challenges with our distinctive quality and innovation. We avoid waste and promote process efficiency. We are also able to compensate entirely for higher labor costs with a high degree of automation.

Tools from PB Swiss Tools are often more expensive than those of our competitors.
The prices vary depending on the dealer and sales channel. In terms of price transparency, the price/performance ratio is easier to assess. Our range of products is competitive and is therefore recognized around the world. The precision and durability of our products are highly valued, particularly by professional users carrying out extremely demanding tasks. These users will rely on our branded products for their entire working life.

What has been PB Swiss Tools' most successful development?
Over the last 15 years it has probably been our RainBow hex key L-wrench. We were the first to introduce color-coded tools onto the market. Since then the idea has been copied multiple times. Our torque tool line or the safety hex keys, which ensure safe working even with wet or oily hands, have also provided considerable added value. The round hex key L-wrench with knurled areas on the shaft is already being used by Toyota. This is proof of both important customer benefits and brand recognition.

The key word here is recognition. At the end of 2015 you received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bern for your work at the head of PB Swiss Tools. What does this title mean to you?
Obviously I was delighted to receive this accolade. The honor is not mine alone, however. My name may be on the certificate, but I work within a team. I would therefore like to dedicate this honorary doctorate to my colleagues, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart.

Wasen, 15.09.2016 / Eva Jaisli