High-grade materials

The basic material used to manufacture PB Swiss Tools tools is a special alloy based on spring steel. This special type of steel is extremely hard (58-60 HRC) and boasts unique toughness and spring characteristics. It has been produced from a special recipe that was developed especially for us over many decades in collaboration with numerous steelworks. 

Cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) is used for the transparent classic and multicraft handles. This modified natural material is based on soft wood, which is a renewable resource. The SwissGrip and ElectroTool handle lines are each made of two components. The hard core is made from a specially modified form of polypropylene that is highly impact-resistant. We use our Santoprene®, our premium-quality branded product, for the soft covering. This soft plastic is kind to the skin and pleasant to the touch. It can handle high torques and is suitable for prolonged use as it does not cause any strain on the user.

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