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When it comes down to absolute precision, PB Swiss Tools instruments are there. Numerous industries around the world rely on these high-quality Swiss tools.

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PB Swiss Tools focuses a lot of its innovative strength on the development process in order to provide customers the best tool for their needs in a wide range of industries, from the aerospace, chemical and mechanical industries to the medical technology sector. Even home DIY enthusiasts - wherever they are in the world - benefit from their precision tools.

Stadler Rail, Bussnang, Switzerland

The new Gotthard Base Tunnel is a paradigm of Swiss precision and teamwork. The same applies to the modern EC250 trains from Stadler Rail to be used on the new record-breaking track. For the assembly, installers like Mathias Neuenschwander use the VDE-tested ElektroTool screwdrivers which combine the advantages of the slim classic handle with non-slip SwissGrip material. In this way, working as a well-rehearsed team, they are always able to overcome apparent obstacles. This is probably also one of the reasons why Stadler Rail is often decisively ahead of its market competitors. 

“The unique team spirit is what makes us strong.”

Mathias Neuenschwander, Stadler Rail


Stadler Rail, Bussnang, Switzerland

When Andrea Füchter beats a railway composition, she needs profound intuition. This is because not everything can be measured when working with aluminium. Much is based on years of practice, gut feeling and experience. Aluminium opens up possibilities that no other material that is able to offer. In order to exploit these advantages for the best trains in the world, Stadler Rail uses the latest technical resources. For example, the PB 303 is a non-rebound hammer that allows deep, precise strokes.

“You have to feel the material, become one with it.”

Andrea Füchter, Stadler Rail


Jungfrau Railways, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Each year, the Jungfrau Railways allow a million people to enjoy breathtaking views of the Jungfraujoch. To connect the highest railway station in Europe at almost 3500 m above sea level, the trains must always be perfectly maintained. Mirjam Iseli is a train driver and mechanic at the same time. She knows exactly what is important, so that when she’s in the driver’s cab, she can rely on her train 100 per cent. For maintenance, she uses the robust and durable angle screwdriver with a corded shaft. Especially in adverse climatic conditions, the safety is significantly increased by the better grip.

“As a mechanic, I know every detail of our train compositions.”

Mirjam Iseli, Jungfrau Railways


ABB Traction, Turgi, Swiss

The heart of any engine is its converter. The size and weight of this component means that it can be a challenge for mechanics to install. This is why they rely on ergonomically shaped tools such the SwissGrip screwdriver, which also stands out thanks to its soft Santoprene cover. The handle fits the hand perfectly and guarantees good torque, even if it should ever become dirty or oily. The spring steel used for the screwdriver blades consists of a special alloy. We optimized this alloy over a period of several decades together with our suppliers. A premium spring steel – extremely hard and tough. Still, it reaches high elasticity values, which makes the tools nearly indestructible in practice. 

"After using a hand tool thousands of times, you really reap the benefits of how easy it is to handle and how effectively it transmits force."

Behnam Hasseli, ABB Switzerland

Hexagonal screwdriver with cross-handle

Velodrome Suisse in Grenchen, Switzerland

Track races are won when man and machine combine to form the perfect team. Mechanic Fritz Bühlmann has used his expertise to help world champions and Olympic medalists on their way to victory. He knows what it means when a conventional screwdriver reaches its limits. Only the cross-handle can help at this point. By using the same amount of force, it allows generating a higher torque. Seized screws can now be loosened easily. No other screwdriver allows adjusting the force so precisely. So that it can be used in as many situations as possible, we offer a wide range of screwdrivers with cross-handles.

"As a mechanic, you know that a racing bike is so much more than the mere sum of its parts."

Fritz Brühlmann, Swiss Cycling

Torque tool

BMC Switzerland AG, Grenchen, Switzerland

Developer Angelo Visini believes that there is still a long way to go until we manage to invent the perfect bike. Day after day, he works meticulously on improvements for bicycles and is setting new standards with his results. The ability to tighten screws with the correct torque is often crucial in this high-tech world. Screws that are too loose or too tight can cause damage, particularly when tricky materials are being used, such as carbon, Plexiglas or titanium, for example. Visini uses therefore the MecaTorque. Its robust, mechanical design, with simple, continuously selectable torque, works completely without electronics. The MecaTorque is a sophisticated masterpiece – robust, precise and long-lasting, like a Swiss watch.

"I'm living my dream at BMC – the coolest designs, the newest materials and the best possible tools."

Angelo Visini, BMC Switzerland AG

RainBow hex key L-wrenches

Swiss Helicopters, Zweisimmen, Switzerland

For Philipp Peterhans, a helicopter pilot, flying is not just a dream. But in order for it to be a reality, the components in his helicopter must regularly be taken apart and re-assembled. In order to make this kind of work easier, PB Swiss Tools has developed color-coded professional hand tools. Colors are a perfect means of orientation and help to locate the correct tool right away, making work easier in many scenarios.

"Ultimately, people's lives depend on every single connector and every single bolt."

Philipp Peterhans, Swiss Helicopters


ABB Traction, Turgi, Swiss

To successfully compete in the global market, Fatmir Imeroski needs to work precisely – but precision alone is not enough. As an installer, he also needs to be quicker and more flexible than his competitors. That's why he works with PB Swiss Tools PrecisionBits. The color-coded plasma coating doesn't just protect the high-quality tips against corrosion, but also enables the right bit to be found quickly and easily. In this way, this technician is coming ever closer to optimizing his production process.

"Everything flows smoothly here – every handle sits perfectly and every tool is the right one for the job."

Fatmir Imeroski, ABB Switzerland

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