04.12.2017 | In Focus
Start anew once again: Integration into the workplace
We are very happy about our nomination for the "Berner Sozialstern 2017 (Bern Social Star 2017)" and our place among the three finalists. Social commitment has been part of our corporate culture for many years - and not only the persons who are trying to restart their working life at our company are benefiting from it: social commitment also has a positive effect on the company. read more
23.10.2017 | In Focus
20 medals at the WorldSkills - the best Swiss result ever!
At the professional world championships in Abu Dhabi, precious metal was raining for the young Swiss professionals: with 11 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals, our country came second in the Nations' Cup - as the best European nation. We congratulate all participants and especially the winners for this fantastic success! read more
02.10.2017 | Innovations & Trends
Safety Offset Screwdrivers, small set
Small, lightweight, handy and coming at an attractive price read more
13.09.2017 | Innovations & Trends
The new edition of this bestseller is limited to 500 units worldwide! read more
12.09.2017 | Newsletter
A gift that will please you
Show your customers, employees and friends your appreciation with something new and truly useful: PB Swiss Tools tools and tool sets are ideal as gifts and promotional items for women and men, young and old. read more
23.08.2017 | In Focus
A "nomad" in Abu Dhabi
In October, 2017, Simon Furrer will represent Switzerland at the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi. This young electrician works with tools made by PB Swiss Tools. In this interview, he tells us why he is such a fan of them and how he is preparing for the competition. read more
22.08.2017 | Innovations & Trends
New: Individually printable roll-up and tool cases
Give as a gift or have it given: Our new roll-up and tool cases will impress with regard to content and outfitting. No screw will remain loose, either at home or on the road. Design it yourself online, now and order immediately! read more
15.08.2017 | Newsletter
The perfect turn for precision
The value of each tool is determined by users who want to successfully and quickly carry out their demanding tasks: The expert in Japan, who tests our new copper mallets and enthusiastically recommends them to his colleagues. read more
14.08.2017 | In Focus
Work the price!
Are end customers willing to pay more for quality? Various companies from Japan reported on the acceptance of our dead-blow mallets with copper heads. read more
27.07.2017 | Company News
Meeting point: Screw-driving station
Hofmann exhibition in Odelzhausen read more
10.07.2017 | In Focus
Gold and Silver for our Marketing Films
"Likable, believable and superbly rendered": Our new marketing films made it into the medals at Edi.16 and at the Hamburg World Media Festival 2017. See for yourself! read more
30.05.2017 | In the media
How It's Made – Hex Key L-Wrenches
Movie from Sciene Channel, published on January 4th, 2017 read more
29.05.2017 | In the media
We prefer to sit with the end customers at a table
Articel from the Magazine Blickpunkt KMU, edtion 1/2017 read more
10.05.2017 | In the media
Pick 'n' Mix
Article from the magazine cyclist, issue March 2017 read more
09.05.2017 | In Focus
Swiss Made - A Recipe for Success
Durability, precision and reliability: These core values define the policy for quality at PB Swiss Tools. Highly trained specialists are required to implement this policy. With internationally recognized vocational training in Switzerland, we have the ideal prerequisites to develop innovative solutions with internal and external experts. read more
27.03.2017 | Newsletter
Product Innovations 2017
We all value reliability, both professionally and in our free time. If tools play a key role in fulf lling demanding tasks, then you can fully rely upon our quality tools. read more
Greatest Demands
Immerse yourself in the exciting product videos of the Stadler Rail and the Jungfrau Railway, Swiss companies with the greatest demands on people and tools: ElectroTools, Mallets and Hex key L-wrenches. read more
01.02.2017 | Newsletter
Tool4You & Limited Editions
On our website you will fnd the selected favourable tools, whether as a welcome gift or as a collector’s item. read more
27.01.2017 | Innovations & Trends
Now available - Limited Editions
The favorite piece in request as a welcome present or collector's item. Great idea for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or as a special present. read more
26.01.2017 | Innovations & Trends
2017 Catalog: Practical, compact, clear
At this time, our new catalog with our entire range of products is available. read more
19.12.2016 | Company News
New website, new functionalities
Welcome to our new website! We have completely reworked it and added new functionalities. Among other things, you can now order products online directly through from the shop of the particular dealer. read more
13.10.2016 | In the media
Making our origin and quality visible through communications
Book «Menschen machen Marken», Werd Verlag, 2016 read more
01.09.2016 | Company News
«PB Swiss Tools. We make the difference» Event in Shenzhen, China
On September 2nd, 2016, the «PB SWISS TOOLS. WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE» event took place in Shenzhen, China. This event was successfully conducted by PB SWISS TOOLS (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. read more
29.07.2016 | In the media
«We have to create good conditions for integration»
An interview with Eva Jaisli, CEO PB Swiss Tools & Admir Opardija, Management Consultant. Annual Report 2015 Netzwerk Foundation read more
21.07.2016 | In Focus
Swiss Wrestling and the Dead Riders Motorcycle Club
Without the support of sponsors, many events would not or could hardly be carried out. For companies, such engagements are often good opportunities to present themselves to the public and to show their presence – the same goes for us. read more
03.07.2016 | Company News
Sincere congratulations on passing the examination
23.06.2016 | Company News
"Swiss Innovation @ PB Swiss Tools" Forum in Tianjin, China
The very first "Swiss Innovation @ PB SWISS TOOLS" forum was held on June 24, 2016. The successful event was put on by our subsidiary PB SWISS TOOLS (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd, in Tian Jing, China. read more
13.06.2016 | Tips & Tricks
The right way to clean screwdriver handles
Working environments for craftspersons could not be any more different. From clean room in the food processing area up to the oily garage ... everything is there. After the work is done, the screwdriver handles sometimes need to be cleaned. But careful – not every handle material can be cleaned the same way. We will explain what to observe so that everything is done right: read more
09.06.2016 | Newsletter
More Safety
Successful working depends on extensive safety: For this reason, companies and their industries implement safety systems with preventive effect. read more
15.05.2016 | In the media
With a locally anchored company to international success
Story of BeWL No. 25, University of Bern, 05/2016 read more
02.05.2016 | In Focus
"Thanks to our heat pump, we save about 50,000 liter oil every year"
For roughly 20 years, Martin Leuenberger has been working for PB Swiss Tools. The trained electrician is a Swiss certified foreman in plant and apparatus engineering and divisional manager for maintenance, environment and occupational safety and health. He leads a team of 13 employees and also supervises the automation engineer apprentices. We met him for the interview and talked with him about the new heat pump – and about which type of importance sustainability occupies in the company. read more
26.04.2016 | Innovations & Trends
Product novelty Insider Stubby: It is finally here; the little one with the drawer
The Stubby is a useful companion, particularly at locations that are difficult to access. Thanks to its compactness, it easily fits into a pocket. The small multi-talent hides 6 PrecisionBits for universal application in its inside. They are safely stored in the retractable drawer. But it has even more advantages: read more
24.04.2016 | Company News
We heat with heat pumps. Rigorously.
In 1979, the first heat pump started its operation in the Grünen plant. Thanks to this and three additional heat pumps, we are saving roughly 50,000 liters of oil every year at both locations. read more
30.03.2016 | Innovations & Trends
New products for tire valves and plugs
First the good news: With the SwissGrip handle made of non-slip and hypoallergenic Santoprene material, you will not slip off even with wet hands. Everything is and remains safely in your hand. Both product novelties are available in long and short design to be able to work conveniently even in areas with limited space. For interesting information about the SwissGrip, see further below. read more
08.03.2016 | Innovations & Trends
Film premiere on the Bel Etage
50 invited guests followed the premiere of our latest product videos on the fantastic Bel Etage of the Cologne chocolate museum. A great event in the framework of the International Hardware Fair 2016! read more
29.02.2016 | In Focus
Good products, good stories and loyalty
A strong commitment to the canton of Bern and the Emmental, successful entrepreneurial actions and the targeted promotion of women in a business field that is heavily formed by men: These and other reasons were decisive factors for the University Bern to give CEO Eva Jaisli an honorary doctorate in December 2015. read more
14.01.2016 | In Focus
SwissGrip proves itself in the operating room
Have you ever had a broken bone and then had to remove the screws and plate? Perhaps, our screw-plate removal set OPERACE with our known SwissGrip was used for this operation. read more
09.12.2015 | Company News
The mountain is calling: The Making of Pistenbully 2016
Did you know that our high-quality tools are also used to maintain and repair snow groomers? Our key vsual in the 2016 Communication is the Pistenbully fleet of Zermatt. Together with the ski slope preparation pros of Zermatt Bergbahnen AG, we photographed under sometime extreme conditions in front of a spectacular setting. read more
04.02.2015 | Company News
Work with the best: Swiss Quality and Guarantee
Quality has its price – but it pays for itself over the medium and long-term. The tools from PB Swiss Tools are the best example. Professionals and home DIY enthusiasts are willing to pay a quality premium. Because - just like our slogan "Work with the best" promises – they want to work with the best tools. read more
07.12.2014 | Company News
Precise – long-lasting – reliable
All over the world, helicopters are being manufactured and maintained with quality hand tools from the leading Swiss tool manufacturer PB Swiss Tools. A subject, that could be more suitable to the long-lasting, reliable and tough tools. For this reason, the type AS350 B3 plays the main role in the Key Visual 2015. read more
16.10.2014 | Tips & Tricks
In 24 steps
I think – the brochure "From raw material to PB quality screwdriver" is a real trouvaille*. Found in the archive, somewhat dusty as it should be, but still current today. read more
06.03.2014 | Company News
From Emmental to Shanghai
The Chinese and the Asian market are becoming increasingly more important to us. For this reason, we founded our first subsidiary after 136 years: the trading company PB Swiss Tools Trade Company in Shanghai, the gate to China and to Asia. read more
07.06.2012 | In Focus
Lifetime guarantee?
The internal checks and requirements on the material, the production process and the manufacturing are very strict. Only then is it possible for us to stand behind our promise. read more
27.03.2012 | Innovations & Trends
The perfect appearance at the POS
For a little bit over a year, specialist markets and specialist stores have continuously been equipped with the new packaging and the new sales walls. As a customer, you will find a new sales wall that is well organized, clearly arranged and structured. Did you notice that the side walls give it the effect of a tool box? read more
21.09.2011 | Tips & Tricks
2-in-1 interchangeable blades – the trick with the power drill
The compact PB Swiss Tools roll-up cases contain not only different screwdrivers in a small space, but also inserts for use in power drills. read more
24.08.2011 | In Focus
Splitting hairs
We are splitting hairs when it comes to maintaining the tolerances for Allen keys (hex key L-wrenches). read more
31.05.2011 | Innovations & Trends
Colorful tool world
The PB Swiss Tools corporate color is red. Tools with the red signal color are eye-catching and can easily be located, no matter whether it is in factory buildings, workshops, studios, hobbies rooms or in the household. read more
30.05.2011 | Tips & Tricks
Phillips and Pozidriv cross-head screws – explained in simple terms
In the first half of the twentieth century, the slotted screws proved to be increasingly problematic. The industrialization brought about more and more power-operated screwdrivers. Aligning the screwdriver to the slot in the screw took up too much time and laterally slipping off of the screw lead to damages of the workpieces. read more
26.05.2011 | In Focus
Transparent wood?
Hardwood and conifers contain cellulose and lignine as building substances. Cellulose is important as raw material for producing paper. read more
25.05.2011 | Tips & Tricks
A screwdriver for breakfast
Since a vacuum exists in the inside of the glass, the lid is pushed onto the edge by the external air pressure and clamps persistently. read more
07.05.2011 | In Focus
BikeTool: Endurance test in Latin America
The trip of Martin Arnet and his partner Evelyne Rohner leads through Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina – with the bicycle! In the meantime, the two have reached 8,600 km in top-fit condition, left the heat of Central America and the rain of Columbia behind them in order to defy the mountains and the cold of the Andes. read more
05.05.2011 | Tips & Tricks
PB 500 – the Magnetizer
Watch this entertaining video now how – it shows how screwdrivers are magnetized and demagnetized. read more
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