Effective product training

Profound knowledge in the back office and in the field thanks to a combination of theory-based and practical training.

Well-founded and constantly updated product knowledge and an understanding of application examples are indispensable advantages in the battles of today’s competitive tools market, both in the Office and in the field. We will be happy to support you with product courses and training, either directly on your premises, together with your customers or at our site in Emmental, combined with a tour of our production plants in Wasen and Sumiswald. Among other things, we can support you with the following training documents:

  • Image film in English
  • Various product movies
  • PowerPoint product training

Please contact Thomas Schlapbach; we look forward to working with you to find the most promising solutions for you. 

Demo modules

You can be sure of an impressive presentation. With each module, you can demonstrate tool use, quality advantages, and advantages for the user.

  • Ideally suited for demonstrations at trade fairs, for sales as well as for consultations.
  • Demo modules demonstrate the advantages of the high-quality tools from PB Swiss Tools during internal and external training.
  • They are suitable for training professional users at technical colleges and vocational schools.
  • We will make the demo modules available to you for your demonstrations.

PB Swiss Tools ratchets are without a doubt the best choice for one-handed turning and difficult access situations. Ergonomic and quick working for better work results.

Striking tools

Attractive presentation of the PB Swiss Tools selection for safe, efficient work in industry, construction and trade.

Torque tools

Experience hands-on how you can use the advantages of the PB Swiss Tools torque tools.

Torque handles 0.1 – 5.0 Nm

Application examples illustrate where and how the torque tools with screwdriver handles can be best utilized for small and medium torques.

Torque handles 3.2-16 Nm

The demo module for torque screwdrivers with pistol grip for high torques. Application examples from a selection of different screw profiles and torques.

Dead-blow mallets

In the mallet head, disks that are propelled forward in the direction of the strike upon impact are integrated on an axis, thereby absorbing the recoil.

PB 225, reversible handle

A professional tool for screwdriving and tightening in a single unit.

Hex key L-wrenches

The PB Swiss Tools hex key L-wrenches have more ergonomic dimensions compared with ISO standards – more application options.

Torque meter

Torque is the product of force x lever arm length. The unit is a Newton-meter (Nm). The PB Swiss Tools torque module enables you to "bring abstract terms to life".