Copper soft-faced deadblow mallet, recoilless

  • for recoilless blows during assembly work, sheet metal working, panel beating etc.
  • copper inserts, easy and quick to replace, keeps budget under control and protects the environment
  • handle made of FSC® certified hickory wood, non-slip, robust and durable
  • handle securely fastened in tube with special wedge and heavy dowel pin, but easily replaceable
  • recoil damping due to weights in the hammer head, for firm, accurate blows without recoil
  • pay attention to the safety regulations when working with striking tools:
Product specifications
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PB 306.24 Cu 24 290 2 81 Gewicht 340
PB 306.32 Cu 32 325 4 106 Gewicht 750
PB 306.40 Cu 40 380 6 121 Gewicht 1340