Electrician’s flat chisel, with handle

  • for general chiseling and demolition work with targeted force transmission
  • for removing protruding concrete or mortar residues
  • octagonal shaft with sharp blade, avoid heating up to over 200 °C when sharpening
  • chrome-plated, permanent corrosion protection
  • sliding handle with soft surface, anti-vibration protection, pleasant grip
  • non-slip surface, safe and precise working, comfortable to use
  • tempered drive head, prevents splinters according to applicable standards
  • high hardness, ensures exceptional retention of sharpness and long service lives
  • special alloy based on spring steel, hard and tough for long service life
  • laser-marked serial number, lifetime guarantee
  • pay attention to the safety regulations when working with striking tools:
Product specifications
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PB 820.HG 3 250 8 10 Gewicht 112
PB 820.HG 5 250 10 12 Gewicht 161