Mastering Implant Removal
Innovation and Swiss quality

OPERACE is the result of the combined innovative power of PB Swiss Tools, the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality tools, and leading manufacturers of orthopedic implants and instruments. The practical instrument set was developed in close coopera-tion with doctors and specialists. It offers a fast solution for the extraction of implant screws.


Sterile inserts

The interchangeable inserts can be used to remove angular stable screws, cortex screws, cancellous bone screws, shaft screws, cannulated screws, locking screws and locking bolts.

Every OPERACE instrument set contains single use inserts which can be used with OPERACE handles, cross- handles and extensions or power tools with adapters. The single use inserts, extraction screws, drills and reamers are supplied in sterile form in double blister packaging and are intended for single use only.

Multiple use

Ergonomic handles

The OPERACE handles, cross-handles, extensions and AO adapters are supplied in non-sterile form. They are intended for multiple use (reprocessing).

Instrument sets

Three practical sizes for mini, small and large fragments

The color-coding at the end of the handles corresponds to the color-coded size classification of the inserts (MINI, SMALL or LARGE). The purpose of the size specific handles for the screwdriver inserts i.e. the sizes MINI, SMALL and LARGE, is to ensure that the achievable manual torque of the handle is matched to the torque appropriate to the screw size.