07.05.2018 | Company News

Photo contest: And the winner is ...

Our competition, "Show us where your hammer hangs" is now closed. We would like to say a big thank you everyone who took part for their amazing contributions. Cool guys, funny pics, cute photos, amusing image breath-taking photography – we had everything. Truly amazing!

Entitled "Gunsmithery – the workshop", David Hervens' strong and meaningful image took first prize. For a long time, there was a neck-and-neck race with Bodo Bimboese's humorous pic. But in the end, David Hervens pulled ahead, receiving 1,030 votes from the Community. Congratulations!

1st Place David Hervens, Belgium

2nd Place Mamma mia! Bodo Bimboese, Germany

3rd Place Mechanic’s tool chair by Hiro Koiso


Join in – it's worth it! The next competition begins on 15 May 2018.

Impressions of other photos:

Allen Long

Simon Barth, Switzerland

Konstantin Schneider, Germany

RemTech Veen

Thorsten Heinsberg, Germany

Nick Vespa, USA

Frederic Andres, Switzerland

Steve Lattari, Australia

Ryuji Kondou, Japan

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