13.11.2020 | Company News
Holistic approach optimizes processes
At the beginning of 2019, the Swiss tool and instrument manufacturer PB Swiss Tools entered into a partnership with Blaser Swisslube with some ambitious goals. Thanks to a holistic approach – under the motto “Liquid Tool” – and a change of metalworking fluid, the aim was to optimize processes, extend tool service lives and reduce production costs. A pilot phase was completed with flying colors and the lofty goals achieved. As a result, the partnership was extended to include other production processes.
22.10.2020 | In Focus
PB Swiss Tools first and foremost in the Hyperloop race
Covering a distance from Basel to Rome on the ground in less than an hour – this is the goal of the Hyperloop idea promoted by Elon Musk, on which companies and universities all over the world are working. Fascinated by this innovative vision, PB Swiss Tools is supporting the highly motivated Swiss team of ETH Zurich students by providing precision tools. Thanks to excellent technological and manual skills, the Swissloop Pod raced to second place in the last international Hyperloop Pod Competition. This year's team has now showcased the Pod 2020 with decisive optimizations at the Switzerland Innovation Park.
06.10.2020 | Company News
Dario Flükiger and Adrian Matthys win SwissSkills in the category for Automation Engineers
Our apprentice Dario Flükiger gave a masterly performance at the SwissSkills Championships 2020 and together with his team mate, Adrian Matthys, won the professional championship for automation engineers.
28.07.2020 | In the media
5 years twin-town agreement with Shenzhen
The Canton of Bern has had a twin-town agreement with the young business city of Shenzhen in the south of China for five years now. This features regular exchange with the authorities and with companies from this innovative metropolis.
16.07.2020 | Newsletter
Innovations 2020
We have been talking a lot about innovative trends, driven by artificial intelligence and other high-end achievements. But you can also innovate in a truly customer-centric approach by changing a design. With the PB Swiss Tools 90-100° hex key L-wrench we have succeeded in doing this even with a tried and tested product. With its newly formed drive, you can reach even awkward screws without losing space for your hands. Check out its flexibility in our latest application film.
09.06.2020 | Newsletter
Control through digital accuracy
Can you guess was a torque of 1.2 Nm feels like? Many users think they know, but overtightened screws and unsightly cracks in sensitive materials often tell another story. Depending on the job, the work may have to be laboriously repeated or may even remain undetected, possibly putting safety at risk.