09.06.2020 | Newsletter
Control through digital accuracy
Can you guess was a torque of 1.2 Nm feels like? Many users think they know, but overtightened screws and unsightly cracks in sensitive materials often tell another story. Depending on the job, the work may have to be laboriously repeated or may even remain undetected, possibly putting safety at risk.
16.04.2020 | In Focus
“Sharing is the New Buying” – PB Swiss Tools Supports an Innovative and Sustainable Sharing Idea: Leihlager Basel – The Library of Things
Their names are Meret, Noël and Felix. Together, the three young Basel locals are fizzing with ideas about sharing. After over a year of planning and thanks to an extremely successful crowdfunding project, the initiators have now been able to bring their project to life: A library of things including a whole host of tools and equipment. Even PB Swiss Tools was impressed by the initiative and donated a number of useful tool kits to the cause without a second thought.
15.11.2019 | Tips & Tricks
The PB470 BikeTool from PB Swiss Tools is my faithful companion in every training and also during stage races.
Joris Ryf about the PB Swiss Tools BikeTool - Limited Black Edition
07.11.2019 | Innovations & Trends
More than just packaging
Our products in a new guise
12.10.2019 | Innovations & Trends
Jet black right to the tips
Our exclusive BLACK Edition
08.10.2019 | Newsletter
A convincing gift
A good gift often means giving somebody something you would like to have yourself.