02.02.2023 | Company News

Back to the past - Our museum

We want to start off our anniversary year by showing you behind the scenes insights from our private museum. Enjoy this little journey through time.

Can you guess what we used to produce?

For over 80 years, mouse traps were produced in our first industrial building. This production machine here was manufactured in 1906, ran until the 80s and is still in good condition.

Only two such machines existed in Switzerland. Paul Baumann (PB) bought the second machine in 1959 to be the sole swiss manufacturer. The second machine has actually never been used.


Can you guess the material of our Classic handles?

Since the first manufacture of PB Swiss Tools Classic handles in 1953, CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) has been used until now. This raw material is not made from oil, but from a renewable resource – wood. The materials left over in production are shredded and added back to the base.

When stored in airtight containers such as drawers and tool cases, handles made from the modified natural CAB substance develop an unpleasant odor. The development of an odor is not linked to the material properties, i.e. the product remains qualitatively sound in terms of its functionality. To neutralize the odor, we add a discreet vanilla fragrance to our handles.

Can you guess when we used the first industrial robots?

In 1982 PB Swiss Tools was the fourth Swiss company to integrate the first industrial robots into production. They took on monotonous tasks and ensured the continued growth of the company. Employees were also able to benefit from this, as they could now dedicate themselves to a wide range of tasks.

Click here to learn more about the history of PB Swiss Tools.

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