Reliable solutions with added value

Success at work is decisively influenced by the selection of the right tool. PB Swiss Tools therefore offers reliable solutions that provide professional and commercial added value. PB Swiss Tools products are 100% developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

 Classic VDE Slim interchangeable handles and blades
Available starting in July, 2022
Color-coded VDE slim interchangeable blades with a slim VDE Classic handle – saves time and space

The eye-catching and clear color-coding system ensures that you are able to quickly find the profile you are looking for. This prevents you from having to spend a long time looking for it. The blade clicks audibly and noticeably into place in the VDE handle and can be easily changed.

Sets in the roll-up textile case: we have prefabricated the most commonly used profile combinations for you.


 Cross-handle screwdrivers
Large, medium and small handle
The ergonomic cross-handle keeps the wrist properly aligned and reduces strain

Thanks to its symmetrical design, the tried-and-tested ergonomic handle keeps the wrist in a straight position and guarantees careful work. Different profiles and lengths provide for a product range adapted to customer needs. The handle sizes are also adapted for low to high torques.

Large Handle

Medium Handle

Small Handle
 Classic screwdrivers
With a blade up to 500 mm in length
With an extra-long blade for locations that are difficult to access

Thanks to the chamfered corners of the parallel PB Swiss Tools tip, the entire surface area of the screw slots can be utilized. The optimum transmission of force allows for a torque that is up to 50% higher and yet relieves the strain placed on the screw.

 multicraft screwdrivers
with hexagonal wrench section
For applying higher torques and loosening tight screws

Hexagonal wrench sections offer safety for the toughest jobs in industry, garages and repair shops. Even if you have oily hands, the curved handle and its structured surface ensure an optimal grip. The high-quality handle material is shock-resistant as well as resistant against oil and gasoline.

9 functions weighing only 37 grams

Always ready for universal and mobile use: the new universal cabinet key unifies perfect ergonomics with versatility in an iconic star shape. The reliable companion that opens doors and gates. And loosens screws. And loosens mixing jets. Assembles and dismantles spray regulators.

  • A high-performance polymer instead of metal, highly robust for high torques.
  • Magnetic bit holder, secure hold.
  • Dismantling and assembly of spray regulators. Profiles SW22 and SW26.
  • Light, compact Pocket Tool with eyelet.

You can also see our universal cabinet key in action in maintenance tasks in the video trailer. Please also adhere to our safety regulations.

 90°–100° key L-wrenches
with ball point and an extra short key part
Flexible in any situation

Thanks to the very short key part, you can even reach screws in awkward places. The newly developed hemispherical head allows the handle part to be fitted at a variable angle between 90° and 100° from the screw axis. This gives your hands more space and helps avoid the risk of injury. You can apply the torque without any restrictions.

The tried-and-tested ball point on the long handle part allows quick turning at angles of up to 30° on screws that might be recessed.

Space to work with 90°

Space to work with 100°
 SwissGrip screwdriver
with a going-through blade, with a compact drive head
Greater performance, less energy lost

As part of intensive field tests, we calculated the optimal drive head diameter. It concentrates the hit rate significantly and the impact energy rises by up to 15%.

The lettering on the end of the handle remains constantly legible thanks to the imprint on the outer rim. This means that the right screwdriver can be found quickly, thus ensuring greater productivity and more safety in your work.

2-in-1: Roll-up case to pack away or hang up

Our roll-up cases come with sewn-in straps to keep all your tools perfectly in place so that they are always ready to be securely rolled up at the flick of a wrist. The handy Velcro strap securely closes the roll-up case.

New: The eyelets in the corners facilitate the easy hanging of roll-up cases.

You can see our practical roll-up cases in action in maintenance tasks. Please also adhere to our safety regulations.

High force transmission – with safety

In many work situations, we need tools that meet special requirements. Our safety key L-wrenches are made precisely for such moments.

The knurled shaft improves grip in wet or oily environments, providing for increased work safety.

Available as individual key L-wrenches or as a set with a handy plastic holder für Innen-Sechskantschrauben oder Torx®-Schrauben.

In handy sets

Whether you work in industry, in the trades or enjoy doing DIY as a hobby, if you frequently work with screws, you will love our two sets with high-quality sliding T-handles. With the five, or six, most popular sizes at your disposal you have the right tool for almost all hexagon socket screws.

Set 1 with five different sizes is also available in our new, high-quality paperboard box. The handy inlay foam holder can be reused to help keeping your tools tidy in your toolbox.

Quick tightening and loosening action ideal for hard-to-reach screws

Middle and end stops to guarantee safe, efficient tightening and loosening

Easy application of high torques
Safe working with the highest level of comfort

This chisel helps to place every blow safely where it belongs. With its blade width of 8 mm and 10 mm, this is the perfect tool for working on cable ducts, removing concrete and mortar residues or opening up individual grouted joints in tiles.

Tightening solutions in the handle

Made of high-quality CAB* plastic, the handle is not only extremely light and robust, but also offers a secure grip with its textured surface. It can store eight different bits inside, minimizing the risk of loss. The sliding bit magazine can be opened and closed with one hand.The extra-strong neodymium magnet in the stainless steel bit holder makes for easy handling. It attracts the bit and also guarantees the screw will stay in place on the bit.

Whether you opt for the long or short version, this PocketTool means you will have every screw at work and leisure firmly under control.

As diverse as your fields of application

Together with our customers, we have developed sets that are individually tailored to your needs. With this extended selection you have even more possibilities to complement your tool equipment in a meaningful way. The new, high-quality papaerboard boxes provide our tools with perfect storage.

The reusable foam holder keeps everything in its place in the toolbox or drawer even after unpacking.

Versatile and practical when you're on the road

With a wide selection of frequently used profiles, our roll-up cases offer extended equipment for assembly and service jobs, in workshops, at home or on the road, and all this in a compact set.

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