Tools in Action

Take a look at our tools in action: the videos show examples from different sectors, industries and applications.

Blüemlisalp, Thun, Switzerland

None of our other tools has defined our company’s history as long as our PB 100 screwdriver, truly a million seller. And there are many good reasons: The unmistakable parallel screwdriver tip, or our unique alloy-steel with specially high quality hardness, toughness and spring characteristics. Our screwdrivers are made in Switzerland and are wear-resistant and universal. And, we don’t just offer THE screwdriver, but a broad range of ergonomic grips. You are certain to find the right solution for you. Every screwdriver has a series number. And all of them come with lifelong guarantees. 

ABB Traction, Turgi, Swiss

The heart of any engine is its converter. The size and weight of this component means that it can be a challenge for mechanics to install. This is why they rely on ergonomically shaped tools such the SwissGrip screwdriver, which also stands out thanks to its soft Santoprene cover. The handle fits the hand perfectly and guarantees good torque, even if it should ever become dirty or oily. The spring steel used for the screwdriver blades consists of a special alloy. We optimized this alloy over a period of several decades together with our suppliers. A premium spring steel – extremely hard and tough. Still, it reaches high elasticity values, which makes the tools nearly indestructible in practice. 

«After using a hand tool thousands of times, you really reap the benefits of how easy it is to handle and how effectively it transmits force.»

Behnam Hasseli, ABB Switzerland

Velodrome Suisse in Grenchen, Switzerland

Track races are won when man and machine combine to form the perfect team. Mechanic Fritz Bühlmann has used his expertise to help world champions and Olympic medalists on their way to victory. He knows what it means when a conventional screwdriver reaches its limits. Only the cross-handle can help at this point. By using the same amount of force, it allows generating a higher torque. Seized screws can now be loosened easily. No other screwdriver allows adjusting the force so precisely. So that it can be used in as many situations as possible, we offer a wide range of screwdrivers with cross-handles.

"As a mechanic, you know that a racing bike is so much more than the mere sum of its parts."

Fritz Brühlmann, Swiss Cycling