Hex Key L-Wrenches
Tools in Action

Take a look at our tools in action: the videos show examples from different sectors, industries and applications.

Hemispherical head innovation: developed for really difficult places

90°–100° hex key L-wrenches

Thanks to the very short key part, you can even reach screws in awkward places. The newly developed hemispherical head allows the handle part to be fitted at a variable angle between 90° and 100° from the screw axis. This gives your hands more space and helps avoid the risk of injury. You can apply the torque without any restrictions.

Excellent dimensional accuracy with exceptionally long service lifetimes

L-wrenches are very simple tools. Perhaps that is why they are so versatile – for numerous applications in many different trades and industries. The large number of fields of application, though, means that users have many additional, specific needs. Precision and robustness are not the only criteria. We have listened to you, and this is why we know where we have to apply our skills to generate added value – for example, with the ColorCode, the Safety Hex Key, its impressive non-slip characteristics and the short leg angled at 100°. We never cease to innovate and develop more variants of L-wrenches. This is how we generate great added value for users with minor, but crucial modifications.

Jungfrau Railways, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Each year, the Jungfrau Railways allow a million people to enjoy breathtaking views of the Jungfraujoch. To connect the highest railway station in Europe at almost 3500 m above sea level, the trains must always be perfectly maintained. Mirjam Iseli is a train driver and mechanic at the same time. She knows exactly what is important, so that when she’s in the driver’s cab, she can rely on her train 100 per cent. For maintenance, she uses the robust and durable angle screwdriver with a corded shaft. Especially in adverse climatic conditions, the safety is significantly increased by the better grip.

“As a mechanic, I know every detail of our train compositions.”

Mirjam Iseli, Jungfrau Railways

Swiss Helicopters, Zweisimmen, Switzerland

For Philipp Peterhans, a helicopter pilot, flying is not just a dream. But in order for it to be a reality, the components in his helicopter must regularly be taken apart and re-assembled. In order to make this kind of work easier, PB Swiss Tools has developed color-coded professional hand tools. Colors are a perfect means of orientation and help to locate the correct tool right away, making work easier in many scenarios.

"Ultimately, people's lives depend on every single connector and every single bolt."

Philipp Peterhans, Swiss Helicopters