ToolBoard Stations

A Valued Service for Leisure Regions

In collaboration with the Swiss mountain railways, PB Swiss Tools has set up service stations for sports enthusiasts to maintain and carry out emergency repairs on their winter sport equipment and bikes.

In case of emergencies or minor adjustments, take care of it yourself right away – using the three versions of our ToolBoards: 

ToolBoard Alpin with and without mounting brackets as well as ToolBoard Bike with a suspension rack. The boards can be set up at the same place as the service offering for visitors in line with the current season.

They are optimally equipped with the most frequently required tools that sports enthusiasts need to maintain or quickly repair their skis, snowboards and bikes. Thanks to the tools’ and the boards’ high level of quality, they are able to withstand extreme weather conditions for a prolonged period of time. Almost every leisure region in Switzerland will benefit from this added value.

For Cable Lifts and Ski Schools

PB Swiss Tools will provide the ToolBoards to selected partners such as cable lifts and ski schools free of charge. The board must be

  • Clearly visible on paths/at hubs that are well-frequented by winter sports enthusiasts/cyclists;
  • Available to the public (on a 24/7 basis);
  • Set up at locations protected against the weather and, where necessary, removed and stored in a dry location outside of the season (summer/winter);
  • Serviced (maintenance and care).


We offer the ToolBoard to interest groups such as the hotel industry and bike sector in Switzerland at a cost price, depending on the model. Please contact Anita Müller a.mueller(at) for detailed specifications and further information.

ToolBoard Alpin V1
605 CHF

ToolBoard Alpin V2
495 CHF

ToolBoard Bike
645 CHF