Lifetime Guarantee

PB Swiss Tools grants a lifetime warranty on material and manufacturing defects.

We shall grant a lifetime warranty on material or manufacturing defects, unless the maximum warranty period is reduced in individual countries due to national regulatory requirements. This means that defective parts that have become unusable due to reasons other than misuse or natural wear and tear shall be replaced free of charge with identical or equivalent products. Any further warranty claims are expressly excluded. 

PB Swiss Tools shall be liable for damages incurred by the buyer due to intentional or gross negligence for which PB Swiss Tools is responsible in connection with the delivered products. Any further liability is excluded. The provisions set out in the Product Liability Act remain unaffected and shall apply.

“Lifetime warranty” cannot be provided for tools and instruments with a limited service life (e.g. instruments supplied in a sterile condition). For torque screwdrivers, we provide a three-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty will expire for products that are no longer included in the standard offer and can therefore no longer be replaced.

Our EU Declaration of Conformity, the REACH Statement and the RoHS Directive are available at Media Service (


In a warranty case, please contact us or your tool retailer. The shipping costs for returns are payable by the customer. Please feel free to contact us for any additional questions or information Ph. +41 34 437 71 71, quality(at) The terms and conditions of PB Swiss Tools apply.

Serial number for lifetime warranty

PB Swiss Tools hand tools have a serial number. As a result, all production stages down to the raw materials used can be traced back. That is the seal of approval for our unique quality.

Find out when your PB Swiss Tools product has passed the quality control checks in our factory: Enter the serial number on your PB Swiss Tools product into the box provided. You are then shown the date of the final check. Our database reaches back to the year 1992.

Enter serial number:

Please enter the five or six digit number on your hand tool. PrecisionBits do not have a serial number due to lack of space; in the case of VDE screwdrivers, the number cannot be seen because of the insulation and in the case of rachets, due to technical conditions.