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Wireless communication and unique force measurement

When we talk about screwdrivers, we are often talking about optimized ergonomics, efficient force transmission and high torques. That is not all, though. Very often, the highest torque is not required, but finely controlled, accurate torque. This is what our new DigiTorque V02 delivers. It is a next generation torque screwdriver – a world-first with a breath of science fiction, according to experts. The DigiTorque V02 uses wireless communication and offers convenient application features – partly because of the simple setting action and permanent display.

BMC Switzerland AG, Grenchen, Switzerland

Developer Angelo Visini believes that there is still a long way to go until we manage to invent the perfect bike. Day after day, he works meticulously on improvements for bicycles and is setting new standards with his results. The ability to tighten screws with the correct torque is often crucial in this high-tech world. Screws that are too loose or too tight can cause damage, particularly when tricky materials are being used, such as carbon, Plexiglas or titanium, for example. Visini uses therefore the MecaTorque. Its robust, mechanical design, with simple, continuously selectable torque, works completely without electronics. The MecaTorque is a sophisticated masterpiece – robust, precise and long-lasting, like a Swiss watch.

"I'm living my dream at BMC – the coolest designs, the newest materials and the best possible tools."

Angelo Visini, BMC Switzerland AG