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Tools in Action

Take a look at our tools in action: the videos show examples from different sectors, industries and applications.

9 functions weighing only 37 grams

The star shape saves weight and sits securely in your hand.

Always ready for universal and mobile use: the new universal cabinet key unifies perfect ergonomics with versatility in an iconic star shape. The reliable companion that opens doors and gates. And loosens screws. And loosens mixing jets. Assembles and dismantles spray regulators.

SkyWork Airlines, Bern-Belp, Switzerland

In a pinch, the best tool is often the one in your hand. And while there isn’t always space for a large tool box, the number of screwdrivers needed in exactly the right size and uncompromising quality is often large. To master such a balancing act, we offer a wide selection of tool sets in chests or roll-up cases. The interchangeable blades require a minimum amount of space and offer additional value. You can also order a customized set if our standard sets don’t meet your requirements. We’re unique in that as well.