VDE and Electronic Screwdrivers
Tools in Action

Take a look at our tools in action: the videos show examples from different sectors, industries and applications.

Safe, firm grip, VDE certified

With our VDE screwdrivers, you are in control of the situation – even when things get “live”. Each of these tools has been tested in compliance with VDE rules at 10,000 volts – for safe working up to 1000 volts. Our VDE screwdrivers come with a lifelong warranty – as with all our other tools. The SwissGrip provides ideal ergonomics. The Classic grip fits in the tool wallets of electricians and electronics engineers the world over. For difficult-to-access screws and spring-loaded terminals there is a version with a slim shank. And thanks to our ColorCode you will always have the right tool at hand.

Take a turn for the better

Electronics technicians operate in the field between mechanics and watchmakers. Their tools have to take account of that: to benefit from the best of both worlds. We have slimmed down the tried-and-tested two-component SwissGrip handle to match the format of electronics screwdrivers. The result is the best possible ergonomic design. Watchmaker’s precision in the blade, the smaller format, rotating caps and the ColorCode make our electronics screwdrivers tools whose perfection can hardly be beaten.

Stadler Rail, Bussnang, Switzerland

The new Gotthard Base Tunnel is a paradigm of Swiss precision and teamwork. The same applies to the modern EC250 trains from Stadler Rail to be used on the new record-breaking track. For the assembly, installers like Mathias Neuenschwander use the VDE-tested ElektroTool screwdrivers which combine the advantages of the slim classic handle with non-slip SwissGrip material. In this way, working as a well-rehearsed team, they are always able to overcome apparent obstacles. This is probably also one of the reasons why Stadler Rail is often decisively ahead of its market competitors. 

“The unique team spirit is what makes us strong.”

Mathias Neuenschwander, Stadler Rail