Precision and durability are the keys to the success of our high-quality screwdrivers. Tried and tested millions of times over decades, used everywhere in industry and assembly, for repairs, in trades and crafts, and in the home and leisure sectors.

Everything to hand

Selecting the right handle is key to the success of a project. Find out which handle would be perfect for you.

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Here at PB Swiss Tools, we attach particularly great importance to the topics of occupational safety and efficiency: Discover our extensive range of handles and tips, which stand out from the competition particularly due to their ergonomics and precision. Ensuring that everyone that tightens screws professionally can work quickly and safely.

It is always important to have the right handle

The right handle for every application: Our multicraft and SwissGrip screwdrivers won’t slip out of your hand, even if your hands are oily or wet. The Classic handle is ideal for quick turning and universal applications. The transparent CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) material is extremely shock-resistant and resistant against oil and gasoline.

Your choice for working safely with electrical devices and installations: Classic, SwissGrip, precision mechanics or Stubby handles, VDE-tested and electrostatically dissipating screwdrivers.

Precise form for any application

PB Swiss Tools offers the perfect tip to match any application, whether for slotted screws, Phillips screws or Torx screws. Hard materials, exceptional precision in manufacturing and comprehensive quality control ensure tools that meet the highest standards.

The parallel slotted screwdriver tip is a Swiss specialty. It is not included in the international standards (ISO, DIN). The accuracy of the parallel form and the chamfered corners are manufactured with genuine Swiss precision.

A detailed look at our screwdrivers
A detailed look at our screwdrivers

Comprehensive selection of handles

Precision mechanics or difficult workshop jobs? We have the right handle!

Lifetime guarantee and 100% Swiss made

Lifetime warranty* with the serial number on each hand tool. From A-Z, PB Swiss Tools manufactures all of its tools in a Swiss family-owned company.

Precision tips

Thanks to continuous quality checks, each and every tool exhibits the highest precision.

High-grade handle material

All PB Swiss Tools handles are made of high-grade raw materials.

Special alloy

Steel alloy developed over decades: elastic and tough despite being very hard.

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You can now take a look through our catalog online!

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VDE and electronic screwdrivers

Fully insulated screwdrivers with ISO 60900 certification – used by every professional that wants to tighten screws safely.


Our wide range of 0.71 to 22 mm L-wrenches stands out from the competition thanks to the smallest tolerances and a hard and tough special alloy.

Mobile sets

With our sets, you will always have the right tools to hand for every situation when you are on the move.