Key L-wrenches

The perfect dimensional accuracy and the hard and tough special alloying make for precise, durable tools. The variety of long and short hex key L-wrenches, chrome-plated or powder-coated, with or without ball head, leaves nothing to be desired.

Good to know

For those who think that L-wrenches are simple tools, we recommend the many innovations that our development specialists have come up with. Our product range contains the perfect professional screwing tools for you to use in the most difficult application areas and with the best working ergonomics.

Fits perfectly in the hand

People who tighten a lot of screws need a tool that sits perfectly in their hands. We have therefore extended the handle lengths in comparison to the ISO standard in order to provide better ergonomics. This gives users better access and allows them to work more precisely.

Screws in awkward, angled places

The perfectly shaped ball point allows screwing at an angle of up to 30°. And to ensure that screws are held securely in place by the tool even in hard-to-reach places, an integrated spring ring increases the holding force. This is one of our many innovations that make working with screws easier.

Excellent grip in wet or oily environments

The knurling on the shaft increases non-slip properties in wet or oily environments, thereby increasing safety. The round shaft provides longer fatigue strength of the tools.

Ideal for screws that are difficult to reach

With the 90–100° L-wrench, you can reach hard-to-reach screws: 90° for insertion, 100° for working.

Customized precision

Tolerances that are finer than a human hair are guaranteed for every L-wrench. This ensures that our L-wrenches fit perfectly in every screw. 

Our promise: Our products are so accurate that they even surpass the specifications set out in the ISO standard.

A detailed look at our L-wrenches
A detailed look at our L-wrenches

100° angle

With the 90–100° L-wrench, you can reach hard-to-reach screws: 90° for insertion, 100° for working.

Ergonomic handle length

According to ISO standards, longer handles fit hands better.

Fully-formed ball head

The perfectly shaped ball head makes it possible to turn screws at an angle of up to 30°.

Lifetime guarantee and 100% Swiss made

Lifetime warranty* with the serial number on each hand tool. From A-Z, PB Swiss Tools manufactures all of its tools in a Swiss family-owned company.

Better grip

Safety key L-wrenches: The knurled shaft improves the grip in wet and oily environments.

The development of our L-wrench

Our L-wrench is a prime example of the constant improvement of our tools. The basic model was launched on the market in 1958.

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Pad printing on powder-coated L-wrenches

Fast, efficient and fully automated: ABB robots working in a two-shift system. 

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An insight into Production

Take a look at our Instagram channel to gain an exciting insight into the manufacturing process for our unique RainBow L-wrench.

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Color Code

Quickly find the right tool.


The colored plasma coating protects against rust, while the right bit is quickly at hand and fits optimally in the screw head.


Versatile and precise all the way to the tip: We provide a lifetime guarantee on our core competency.