Sponsoring contributions are made by PB Swiss Tools in solidarity with the environment and the community in which we are living and working.

Sponsoring guidelines

Individuals, companies or institutions are supported if they generate a direct relationship to the hand tool. In the form of product placements, we convey the special value of our product quality.

After careful consideration, we have chosen to support Swiss projects run by educational institutes, societies and associations, businesses, individuals, PB Swiss Tools staff and partner companies

Under the condition that the direct reference to our brand-name products can be established in conjunction with your project/event, we will gladly review your request. Unfortunately, we cannot honor any other requests.

Sponsoring Principles

Our claim "Work with the best" promises users guaranteed outstanding Swiss quality that will meet their exact requirements. It is an expression of our passion for extraordinary hand tools. We expect that our commitment plans will take shape in our sponsoring activities. 

Please note that we receive many requests and are already supporting projects. The careful examination of your request may take some time. We thank you for your cooperation.

The following information is required for us to be able to examine your request:

  • Personal data (company, institution) and project data
  • Previous activity, success stories and media presence
  • Performance expected from PB Swiss Tools
  • Your proposed compensatory measures
  • Current sponsors

Please send your request to

PB Swiss Tools
Anita Müller 
Head of Communication
Bahnhofstrasse 24
3457 Wasen/Bern

Tel. +41 34 437 71 24 

PB Swiss Tools supports SwissSkills and WorldSkills.