PB Swiss Tools makes sponsorship contributions to causes that support the environment and the society in which we live and work.

Basic principles of sponsoring

Our claim – “Work with the best.” – promises to provide discerning users with guaranteed outstanding Swiss quality. It reflects the passion we hold for great hand tools. We expect the views expressed in our commitment to be reflected in our sponsoring activities. 

Sponsoring guidelines

We will support people, companies and institutions that 

  • are directly linked to our hand tools
  • can communicate the high quality of our products in the form of product placements
  • are domiciled in our domestic market of Switzerland

Over the next few months, we will be supporting the SwissSkills and WorldSkills championships of vocational skills, vocational training colleges and a regional project for young people in the leisure sector. 

We support the SwissSkills and WorldSkills vocational championships as well as vocational schools. Due to our sponsorship of a major regional sporting event, we have already used up our budget. This means that we will only be able to start taking requests again from January 2025.

In order to review your application, we need the following information

  • •    Information on your person (company/institution) and project
    •    Previous activities, success stories and media presence
    •    What you expect PB Swiss Tools to provide
    •    What you would be willing to do in return
    •    Current sponsors

Please send your request to

PB Swiss Tools
Anita Müller 
Head of Communication
Bahnhofstrasse 24
3457 Wasen/Bern

Tel. +41 34 437 71 24 

PB Swiss Tools supports SwissSkills and WorldSkills.