Inside - October issue

On-site maintenance – the mobile use of innovative tools

In this first edition of PB Swiss Tools Inside, we are focusing on the world of maintenance work. Professional handymen facing day-in and day-out the unexpected confirm: flexibility on the road really does pay off! This means for their tools: reliability in a multi-functional application and environment.

“Available at any time and 100% reliable: What I expect of myself and of my tools.“


Maintaining equipment and systems is one of the most important jobs in ensuring that things run smoothly in the long term and in extending the useful life of machines. Day in, day out, enduring professional handymen give their best to cut down on outages.

Whether they deal with machines in production or connections to house technology: the area, where systems and facilities must be maintained and serviced, comprise many thousands of square meters. Maintenance workers know how indispensable it is to always have the right tool at hand: Manufactured with precision and durability, these compact designed light-weight tools allow acting swiftly at any time.


9 functions weighing only 37 grams

Always ready for universal and mobile use: the new universal cabinet key unifies perfect ergonomics with versatility in an iconic star shape. The reliable companion that opens doors and gates. And loosens screws. And loosens mixing jets. Assembles and dismantles spray regulators.

Swiss innovation – even in the applied materials. Thanks to the extraordinarily robust and resilient materials made of light, high-performance polymer, like metal this professional tool is practically indestructible. And thanks to our lifelong guarantee, you will not be needing any other multi-tool of this type.

PB 900.V01

The star shape saves weight and sits securely in your hand

With a diameter of 7.2 cm and a weight of just 37 grams, this new multi-tool can be packed away anywhere and is always at hand.

The five drives of the PB 900 are ergonomically designed and arranged. Therefore, they always sit perfectly in the hand. This makes it possible to transfer the best possible force to even extremely awkward places.

9-in-1: Our universal cabinet key

The integrated bit holder has space for any two C6 PrecisionBits. Thanks to an integrated magnet in the bit holder of the 8 mm square drive, the bit can be slotted in perfectly and securely.

Five drives make it possible to easily open the most important lock systems for switchgear systems, barriers, technology services in buildings, and the water supply. The excellent high-performance polymer makes it possible to achieve high torques.

The inner recesses in sizes SW22 and SW26 fit perfectly to release M24 and M28 external threads such as for all standard mixing jets in kitchens and bathrooms.


Magnetic bit holder, secure hold.

A high-performance polymer instead of metal, highly robust for high torques.

Dismantling and assembly of spray regulators. Profiles SW22 and SW26.

Light, compact Pocket Tool with eyelet.

Details at a glance

PB 900.V01

Universal cabinet key with bit holder and 2 C6 PrecisionBits

9-in-1 tool for square, triangular, double bits, mixing jets, slotted and Phillips screws

PB 900.V02

Universal cabinet key

7-in-1 tool for square, triangular, double bits, mixing jets

Made of a metal substitute high-performance polymer, highly robust and light for more forceful tightening and loosening. Resistant to solvents (methanol, ethylene glycol) and oils (cooking oils, greases, fuels, etc.)

The bit holder is made of the same elastomer and the popular SwissGrip screwdriver handles. It can be taken off easily and provides the best possible grip for two C6 PrecisionBits.

The practical eyelet allows the tool to be easily hung and stored anywhere.

Pocket Tools

Practical tools with a sliding magazine

Besides our latest universal cabinet key, we have a number of other practical tools in the Pocket Tools segment.

Whether the short Stubby, the practical Ratchet or the short or long version of the Insider, they all have something in common: they are made of high-quality, light materials and, thanks to the integrated bits, are highly versatile. 

Pocket Tools belong in everyone’s toolbox who is involved in maintenance work. 

PB 8453
PB 6510 R-30
PB 6465
PB 6464

The handle with the textured surface is non-slip and very safe.

The stainless steel magnetized bit holder ensures that bits can be changed easily and quickly.

The sliding magazine with end stops provide for convenient and safe handling.

The Insider is extremely light and robust and made of high-quality plastic.

The Insider is available in 6 attractive colors.

Compact Tool Sets

Professional Tools for all requirements

Anybody working at various sites will appreciate having this most important professional tool at hand. Together with our users, we have worked on a solution that is perfectly suited to the needs called upon in the various aspects of maintenance work. It does not matter whether you prefer the complete screwdriver or want interchangeable handles and blades, whatever your preference we have a suitable solution on offer.

PB 8515

Our compact tool sets, such as the PB 8515, bring together up to 31 tools in the smallest of spaces. 

Thanks to the click stops, you can rest assured that you have a fully professional tool in your hand, even with handles with interchangeable blades. For flexible and safe working.

2-in-1: Roll-up case to pack away or hang up

Our roll-up cases come with sewn-in straps to keep all of your tools perfectly in place. Always ready to be securely rolled up with one hand. The handy Velcro strip securely closes the roll-up case.  

New: the eyelets in the corners facilitate easy hanging of roll-up cases .

Swissgrip Sets

PB 8560 SU GY

SwissGrip screwdriver set for slotted and Phillips screws

6-pieces in a practical roll-up case to pack away or hang up

PB 8562 SU GY

SwissGrip screwdriver set for slotted and Pozidriv screws

6-pieces in a practical roll-up case to pack away or hang up

Our popular SwissGrip screwdrivers sit perfectly in your hand and develop an ideal transfer of force when tightening screws daily. 

If you wish, you can have these precise tips as a whole screwdriver or in the space-saving, light version with our high-quality interchangeable blades.

Ideal for working on the road in the robust roll-up case. The handy strap makes it easy to open and close the case.


VDE Sets

PB 5543 SU GY

Classic VDE screwdriver set for slotted and Pozidriv screws

6-pieces in a practical roll-up case to pack away or hang up

PB 5543 SU SL GY

Classic VDE Slim screwdriver set for slotted and Pozidriv screws

5-pieces in a practical roll-up case to pack away or hang up

Specifically for working with screwdrivers designed for electronics. Ensures safety at work up to 1000 Volt AC or 1500 Volt DC.

The elastomer handle coating bonded to the slim polypropylene handle is anti-slip and pleasantly gentle to your skin. Also available in the VDE Slim version with a super slime tip/insulation in the top third. This makes it easier and safer for the blade of the PB Swiss Tools VDE Slim electrician’s screwdriver to access even well-recessed screwheads and spring terminals.

Perfect for working on the road in the robust roll-up case. The handy strap makes it easy to open and close the case.