My number 1

What does a yogurt pot have to do with the Classic screwdriver? Why is the roll-up case with interchangeable blades a must-have in every household, and why should the Insider be in everyone’s pocket? And why is the SwissGrip screwdriver the only one that goes in the toolbox? Find out from our specialist retailers here.  

A yogurt pot full of industry knowledge

Liliane Kramer, owner and CEO of JOGGI AG in Murten, learned about the industry from a yogurt pot as a child, and she also had her first encounter with the PB 100 Classic screwdriver.

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Everything under control

Martin Keiser, Product Manager for Tools and Fastening Technology at OPO Oeschger AG in Kloten, firmly believes in using only PB 8400 SwissGrip screwdrivers in his OPO carpenter’s toolbox.

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