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Martin Keiser proudly equips his OPO carpenter’s toolboxes with only PB 8400 SwissGrip screwdrivers.

“The color-coded caps, drive symbols, and size designations make it easy for craftspeople to find the right tool straight away.”  

Martin Keiser, OPO Oeschger AG

100% Swiss – inside and out

Martin Keiser is a trained ironmonger and knows what he’s talking about. As a product manager for tools, he collaborated with a Swiss company to develop a special toolbox for carpenters. Using specially made lightweight components, this toolbox is about three to four kilograms lighter than comparable products. For Martin Keiser, it is only natural that these toolboxes are also equipped with PB 8400 SwissGrip screwdrivers. Thanks to their ergonomic handle shape and optimal transmission of force, they are among Martin Keiser’s favorites. The different colors, drive symbols, and sizes on the caps are even more visible against the light gray interior lining. 

Optimal support for craftspeople to immediately find the right tool. Besides their outstanding quality, they are also 100% made in Switzerland, just like the toolboxes. 

  • Martin Keiser, Product Manager for Hand Tools and Fastening Technology at OPO Oeschger AG in Kloten

Advantages of the PB 8400 at a glance


Color coded by screw type, quick identification


Convex handle with soft surface for a pleasant grip, high torque transmission


Precise, true-to-size tips, perfect fit in the screw heads


A one-time investment with a lifetime warranty


High-quality materials used, resistant to solvents, oils, acids and salts


Exceptional toughness and elasticity with a high degree of hardness, even under heavy use

Overview of SwissGrip screwdrivers

OPO Oeschger AG

For over 90 years, OPO Oeschger has been supporting craftspeople throughout Switzerland by reliably delivering exactly what they need. With 70,000 products in the areas of high-quality furniture and kitchen fittings, lighting, sliding door, door and construction fittings, glass and metal construction fittings, as well as tools and fastening technology. OPO Oeschger employs around 300 people at seven locations. 

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