Readily available anytime, anywhere

Christoph Müller is always prepared for any situation. That's why he has at least four PB 8515 roll-up cases at home – for every occasion.

"We have the PB 8515 roll-up case ready to use at least four times in the house. For all those moments when you need to quickly screw something."

Christoph Müller, Mueller AG  

It has to be quickly available and practical

Christoph Müller completed a commercial apprenticeship and a business management degree and leads Mueller AG in its fourth generation. He grew up with tools, and they accompany him everywhere – throughout his entire life. So, it's not surprising that the 31-piece PB 8515 roll-up case is readily available (he has at least four of them) on every floor of his house, in his workshop, and even in the garage. At home, things need to be done quickly – and there's no time for searching. 

That's why the PB 8515 roll-up case is his number 1: a compact, practical, versatile set that can handle almost any handyperson challenge – and it's something that no business, household, or camper should be without. 

  • Christoph Müller, CEO and owner of Mueller AG in Langenthal

Advantages of the PB 8515 at a glance


A one-time investment with a lifetime warranty


Basic equipment in professional quality for versatile professional and personal use 

Safe and Quick

Interchangeable blades for precision work and medium-to-high torques, with a "click" fastening

Slim telescopic handle for precision work, infinitely adjustable blade length


High-quality materials, SwissGrip handle resistant to solvents, oils, acids, and salts


True-to-size tips, optimal fit in the screw heads

Overview of mobile sets

Mueller AG

The foundation of Mueller AG was laid in 1884 with Mathys, Müller & Cie. Over 100 years later, Christoph Müller joined the company in 1990 as the fourth generation of Müllers. The family business now has around 45 employees and apprentices. In addition to the exciting assortment in the Tool Machine Center, customers have an extensive product range available in the Building Technology and Steel Center. The in-house online shop offers a selection of over 300,000 items. A repair workshop, C-parts management, and a dedicated app complete the offerings. 

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