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On the move with electrical engineering professionals

In this issue of Inside magazine, we want to show you which challenges professionals in the field of electrical engineering have to overcome every single day – and the high demands they place on their tools. To this end, we visited the ABB “Power Tower” in Baden (Switzerland) – an impressive building complex in which our new VDE tools are used.

A demanding job

There was a good reason why we visited the ABB “Power Tower”. This is where the leading technology company ABB produces high-power batteries for buses, trucks and railways with electric drives. Two assembly robots are used for the complex assembly work.

Another interesting fact is that the building underwent extensive modernization between 2015 and 2020 in ongoing operations. Two refrigeration machines were installed that are also used to support the heating system. All of these require regular maintenance – and safety takes top priority here.

  • Synergies between heat and cold generation are exploited in the ABB “Power Tower” with a lasting result – 20% energy savings!
  • The building complex also includes electric charging stations, a water treatment system and a photovoltaic system. Our new VDE tools are used in maintenance tasks.
  • Specialist knowledge – and suitable measuring instruments – are required in the maintenance of electric charging stations. There is a huge need for further education and training in this area.

Everything to hand

In the industrial firm of ABB, it is clear that electrical engineering is multifaceted, demanding and in a state of flux. This is also evident in other fields of application such as electromobility. 

The wide variety of electrical components, products and manufacturers calls for a flexible approach by the pros – which also covers choosing the right tools. They have to be suitable for many uses on site and withstand high mechanical stresses. Both indoors and outdoors. A specialist then has to rely fully on their tools

Safety is paramount when working with electricity. However, VDE tools should also allow for easy, fatigue-free working.“

The main criterion when working with electricity is and remains safety. But a tool also has to be multifunctional and durable, compact and lightweight. Pros want to work with as few tools as possible and with the greatest possible safety. Our new VDE tools combine the best of both worlds.

Safety becomes easy

The trick with the click

You must be familiar with this situation – you want to have all the tools you need quickly at hand, but when you’re out and about, this quickly becomes something of a sporting challenge because of their weight. This is precisely the sort of situation we have developed a solution for – our color-coded VDE Slim interchangeable blades and the universal Classic VDE interchangeable handle. Every blade snaps into place in the slim handle with an audible and perceptible ‘click’. It can be changed quickly and easily by simply pulling it out.

We carry out nine safety tests on the VDE tools. For example, every single blade is tested in a water quench – even without a handle. Ensuring your safety, little by little.

PB 5215

With or without handle

And when time is of the essence, you can also use all of the blades without a handle thanks to the 2-in-1 function. Turn the fast-turning zone with your thumb and index finger. The slip protection makes this use safe and comfortable.

Never again will you miss the mark! The PB Swiss Tools profile color-coding system means you always have the right profile directly in view. A very practical feature: the color coding remains visible even with the blade in place.

Better safe than sorry

In electrical engineering, safety is without doubt the most important prerequisite. This applies for the tools as well. In order to minimize the risk of an accident, our tools have to pass nine important tests to comply with the demanding VDE standard. Please also keep our safety regulations in mind when performing your work.

Link to the tests    Link to the regulations

The advantages at a glance

One handle for every blade

The Classic VDE interchangeable handle can be used with every interchangeable blade.

Handle material

The elastomer coating on the polypropylene handle is non-slip and gentle on the skin.

Fully insulated and safe

Every tool is VDE-tested.

Fast-turning zone and slip protection

Every interchangeable blade can be used with or without the handle.

Color-coding system

The desired profile can be found quickly with the eye-catching color-coding system.

Slim: Super-slim blades

Deep-set screws and spring terminals can be reached easily and safely.

The choice is yours

Which profile do you need for your daily work? With our range of products, you have the choice between individual products and complete sets with the most commonly used profile combinations – all in a practical roll-up case. A tip from the pros: if you use one specific blade very frequently, simply add a second handle to your set.

Individual tools
Mobile sets

Say goodbye to unnecessarily heavy toolboxes. You can carry up to eight blades together with the handle in the durable and practical roll-up textile case. The fabric has a PVC coating on the inside and is washable and tear-resistant. This make the roll-up case very easy to look after and hard-wearing. Just insert the tools, roll it up and away you go.