Close contact with customers is the key to success

In addition to gradual improvements, we pursue the development of new technologies that have great potential for change – we want our solutions to inspire customers repeatedly, today and in the future. Quality and design generate customer benefits: productivity, appreciation and fun at work.

Customers are able to apply our new solutions in their applications – and this is our objective when we implement an idea in a new product or process that has not existed before. We frequently discover new impetus at our customers’ places of work. We make a point of being inquisitive to focus on reviewing our product range to enhance it.

We work closely with industrial designers to ensure that our customers enjoy picking up our products and are then able to use them intuitively and correctly. Our quality – in combination with aesthetically pleasing shapes and colors – is perceived as being exceptional at first sight and is guaranteed to prove itself in the working process.  If you are using the unmistakable design of PB Swiss Tools in your work, you are demonstrating that you place the highest demands on productivity, appreciation for users and fun at work.


Discover our prime example

Our L-wrench has been constantly improved since the basic model launched in 1958.

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