The development of our L-wrench

Our L-wrench is a prime example of the constant improvement of our tools. The basic model was launched on the market in 1958.

The L-wrenches are available in a chrome-plated, powder-coated design and feature a color-coding system. The wide range of long and short L-wrenches, with or without a ball point, leaves nothing to be desired. Tolerances that are finer than a human hair are guaranteed for every L-wrench. This perfect dimensional accuracy and the tough, special alloy guarantee precise, long-lasting tools.


Our basic L-wrench model has been around since 1958. Quality and comfort have been paramount from the outset.


The newly developed ball point on the end of the long handle part ensures that loose screws can be turned to an angle of up to 30°.


The RainBow color coding system makes it possible to find the right tool in no time at all and provides a colorful eye-catching effect.


The extra short 100° key part ensures that the user can even reach hard-to-access screws and simultaneously relieves the strain placed on their hands.


The knurled shaft improves the user’s grip in wet or oily environments, providing for increased work safety.


Our L-wrench is now also available with an extra-short key part, which can be used at an angle of 90° to 100°. This increases flexibility and relieves the strain placed on the user’s hands.