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Versatile application and effective, precise hits


Dead-blow mallets – they’re nothing new, are they? That’s right, the principle is nothing new – but what is new is the use of dead-blow mallets with metal heads. The stack of discs inside the head effectively absorbs the impact of the mallet stroke and ensures fatigue-free working. Give it a try – one mallet blow is all you need to feel the difference.

Give it a try: just one blow is sufficient – you will feel the difference. If you need to be flexible in the way you use your mallet, go for the one with the interchangeable heads, professionals don’t just “hit” workpieces. They understand exactly what we’re talking about.


Stadler Rail, Bussnang, Switzerland

When Andrea Füchter beats a railway composition, she needs profound intuition. This is because not everything can be measured when working with aluminium. Much is based on years of practice, gut feeling and experience. Aluminium opens up possibilities that no other material that is able to offer. In order to exploit these advantages for the best trains in the world, Stadler Rail uses the latest technical resources. For example, the PB 303 is a non-rebound hammer that allows deep, precise strokes.

“You have to feel the material, become one with it.”

Andrea Füchter, Stadler Rail