VDE and electronic screwdrivers

VDE-tested screwdrivers offer safety for electrical work to both professional and non-professional users. Fully insulated up to 1000 V in accordance with IEC/EN 60900.

Everything to hand

Selecting the right handle is key to the success of a project. Find out which handle would be perfect for you.

Good to know

Our VDE and electronics screwdrivers help to protect you and the materials that you are screwing in place. Whether they are specially insulated or tailored to the special ergonomic characteristics of professional screws, you will always be on the safe side with these screwdrivers.

High-end tools for pros


This range of tools has a fully-insulated blade for safety purposes. Here, you have the choice between three designs that are adapted to your individual needs:

  1. Thanks to the non-slip and non-irritating elastomer coating, the slim classic handle fits snugly in your hand.
  2. Super-slim in the front third: The Classic VDE Slim screwdrivers allow you to access deep-set screws and spring terminals easily and safely.
  3. The popular SwissGrip handle offers metered and precise force transmission from the hand to the screw.

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The perfect twist for detailed work

Precise manufacturing ensures perfect positioning on the screws. Specially alloed steel has an extremely high load-bearing capacity, especially in small dimensions. Also available in ESD version.

Ergonomic work: The slim handle is ideal for the fine work and use with electronics. With its round neck, precise adjustment work can also be performed.

The upper part of the handle has a turnable head. It facilitates holding the handle,.

90° Adjusting

Screwing and unscrewing

Tightening and loosening
Protective for sensitive electronic components

The PB Swiss Tools ESD screwdrivers: For all work spaces where electrostatic charge or discharge can lead to hazards or damages.

Find the right tool instantly thanks to the screw symbols and sizes on the end of the handle.

A detailed look at our screwdrivers
A detailed look at our screwdrivers


The elastomer handle coating bonded to the slim polypropylene handle is anti-slip and pleasantly gentle to your skin.


Both handle and blade are fully insulated up to 1,000 volts, in line with IEC/EN 60900

Precision tips

Piece for piece – the highest level of precision thanks to end-to-end quality control.

Color Code

One glimpse, one reach: Find the right tool instantly thanks to the color coding of the screw symbols on the end of the handle

The right handle

Always sits perfectly in the hand: Classic Handle for pleasant ergonomics, SwissGrip handle for even better control and precise delivery of force from your hand to the screw.


Deep-set screws and spring elements can be easily and safely reached.

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Versatile and precise all the way to the tip: We provide a lifetime guarantee on our core competency.

Mobile Sets

With our sets, you will always have the right tools to hand for every situation when you are on the move.

Torque tools

Thanks to these precision tools, you can screw delicate materials in place with a constant tightening torque.