A yogurt pot full of industry knowledge

The PB 100 Classic screwdriver has been Liliane Kramer’s reliable companion since her childhood.

«The Classic screwdriver is the perfect, all-purpose lifelong companion.»

Liliane Kramer, JOGGI AG

A lifelong, loyal companion

Liliane Kramer is a trained businesswoman who studied business economics and grew up surrounded by tools. Her father already passed on industry knowledge to her when she was a child – with the help of a yogurt pot. Every evening, all the items he had in his bag would go into the yogurt pot and then be taken out one by one. The challenge for Liliane Kramer was to correctly identify the screws based on their size and characteristics. It was during this playful learning session that she first encountered the PB 100 Classic screwdriver, which her father always had with him. Since then, it has become an indispensable part of her life, starting from when she was a child and was allowed to go with her father – with her own toolbox – as he repaired door cylinders and locking systems. 

Even today, when Liliane Kramer fills in for a colleague on vacation, the PB 100 is always by her side. With its universal usability, durability, and space-saving design, it remains her number one choice. 

  • Liliane Kramer, CEO and owner of JOGGI AG in Murten

Advantages of the PB 100 at a glance


A one-time investment with a lifetime warranty, handle material based on cellulose


Made of high-quality, shock-resistant, oil and gasoline-resistant material

Parallel tip

Optimum transmission of force, no cam-out effect


Universally applicable, slim and compact handle, discreet vanilla fragrance


Exceptional toughness and elasticity with a high degree of hardness, even under heavy use

Overview of Classic screwdrivers


In 2023, JOGGI AG in Murten celebrates its 100th anniversary. Lisette and Ernst Kramer, the parents of the current owner, bought the company in 1990. Liliane Kramer took over the traditional business from her parents and has run it successfully in the fourth generation since 2010. The store in Murten offers around 36,000 stock items on an area of over 4,000 m2, and the online store even offers over 600,000 products. The family-oriented specialty store employs 47 staff members and apprentices and trains retail  and logistics specialists, automation mechanics, and motorized equipment mechanics with a Swiss Federal Certificate of Vocational Education and Training (EFZ). 

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