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BikeTool - for the ultimate biking experience

An article in the magazine “the Sybarite” written by Tom Weijand

I’d never heard of PB Swiss Tools until I started digging, looking for the best of the best tools. But the experts, amateurs, and the zealots on the forums I found would sometimes whisper reverentially, and often shout about them. They were allegedly where you went when only the best would do. Intrigued, I sought them out. And wow do they live up to the reverence.

Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re better made than any other tool I’ve ever held. It’s a strange thing to hold a screwdriver bit, or Allen key, and get the feeling you’re holding something incredibly precise, into which a very great deal of thought, design, and cutting-edge technology has gone.

The metal of the bits shimmers with different colors, making for easy differentiation between types, and the edges are so sharp and hard that they grip screws and bolts more securely than anything I’ve used before. This prevents screws and bolts heads from becoming rounded and unusable, or threads from being stripped.

Their hex key set is just beautiful, ridiculously strong and the edges of the hex so sharp and defined, they feel so very premium. Their portable bike kit for taking on rides has everything you may need come technical emergency mid-ride. The tyre leavers are robust and hardy, (and plastic so won’t kill your beautiful rims), and as I said, the bits grip and bite like a Doberman. The bit connector is magnetic, so firmly grabs the bit and key, and holds them tight, and when you’re done, it all snaps together with the affirmed solidity of a safe door closing.

If you don’t think you can feel the difference between even some very good tools, and some PB Swiss Tools, go prove yourself wrong and pick up a set. They’re something special.

Read the full article about the ultimate bikes and cycling kit on the Sybarite.

The Ultimate Luxury Bikes and Cycling Kit · The Sybarite · Curators of Exclusive Luxury Experiences

Click here to see the product: PB 470 BikeTool: Pocket Tool with 9 screwdriving tools and two tire levers

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