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At home in the Emmental, appreciated around the world

It is not just among Swiss users that PB Swiss Tools hand tools enjoy an excellent reputation. 100% Swiss-Made is the quality promise that manifests itself particularly in the tools’ durability, in addition to their many other characteristics. This also applies to the family-owned company from the Emmental itself, which can already look back on a history spanning 145 years.

Quality and a capacity for innovation are the values on which the long-term success of PB Swiss Tools is built, believes CEO Eva Jaisli. One of the reasons for this is the particularly high degree of vertical integration. “We are responsible for every process in house,” emphasizes Eva Jaisli. A special spring steel alloy – with its own recipe that is constantly being further developed and refined – is used for the tools. “This means that we achieve the best-possible hardness while also realizing the elasticity needed for safety reasons,” explains Eva Jaisli. “If our customers use our tools professionally, we can guarantee that they will not need to be replaced in their lifetime.”

Investment in research and development
Approximately 13 million tools and medical instruments are produced from some 400 tonnes of steel every year at the company headquarters in the Emmental, Switzerland. Thanks to a high level of automation, the Swiss company and its 200 employees remain competitive on the international market: PB Swiss Tools exports two-thirds of the tools it produces to 85 countries around the world. “We invest a great deal of money into research and development,” explains Eva Jaisli. This investment is focused on optimizing the internal processes and raw materials as well as the products themselves. “The willingness and ability to take risks and invest are massively important for a tool manufacturer.”

The resourceful Swiss company has thus outfitted its tools with a number of special features, for example plane-parallel tips on the slotted screwdriver ensure that it holds screws firmly in place and disks in the head of the dead-blow mallet facilitate accurate blows. Another example of the innovative spirit of PB Swiss Tools is the color-coding system used for the L-wrenches, which allows users to be able find the right tool quickly and reliably. “We developed this product following discussions with an engineer from an automotive manufacturer during a visiting to their factory in Japan. We were thus the first company to offer this feature in 2000, but now everyone has this in their product range,” states Eva Jaisli. One of the latest innovations is the PB 900 universal cabinet key. “This tool is made from a high-performance polymer material, which has the same characteristics as metal but is lighter.” Eva Jaisli continues by emphasizing the following: “Tools are still a long way from being fully developed, which makes this an exciting field to be involved in.” 

New partnership
E/D/E has been the logistics service provider for PB Swiss Tools for two years. One of the aims of this partnership is to be able to better reach our customers in the trades and industry sectors. Eva Jaisli had the following to say: “The key factor behind our decision to work together with E/D/E was that we share a number of common interests, which became clear during our meetings with the E/D/E Executive Board. We share the same convictions as regards quality, added value and solutions for different distribution channels.” The collaboration has already got off to a successful start with the integration of PB Swiss Tools products in the catalogs of the PREMIUM and UNION groups.

Source: PVH Magazin EDE

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