17.05.2018 | Company News
And another film prize!
For our «Swiss Clients 2017» short film, we are collecting a prize at the 28th International Industrial Film Days in Vienna.
Tool case valued at 3,000 Swiss francs to be won!
Our video competition runs from 15 May through to 15 June 2018. Taking part is easy – and worth it!
09.05.2018 | In Focus
Encouraging girls’ interest in technical matters
During our experimental workshop in April, 13 girls built a small machine with mechanical functions and an electric motor. We accompanied them.
08.05.2018 | In Focus
“We want to create things”
At the “Werftstatt” (which translates freely as “shipyard”) in Burgdorf, three men build boats and restore camper vans – with tools from PB Swiss Tools. We paid them a visit.
07.05.2018 | Company News
Photo contest: And the winner is ...
01.05.2018 | In Focus
«Ergonomic work spaces are a benefit to everyone»
What points are important in making work spaces ergonomically better? We made some inquiries in a specialist shop.