The advantages of OPERACE

The practical instrument set was developed in close cooperation with doctors and specialists. It offers a fast solution for the extraction of implant screws. 

Great choice for surgeon’s

Dr. Andreas Rindlisbacher, deputy head physician of the surgical clinic and head of emergency surgery at the canton hospital in Zug, helped in the development of the OPERACE instrument set.

«With OPERACE, the right screwdriving inserts are available at all times, regardless of the implant manufacturer. An insert with left-hand thread, a special drill or an extraction mill can also be selected for defective screws. As a surgeon, I am particularly impressed by the sterile individual packaging of the inserts. This means that OPERACE is available at all times, without having to wait long periods for sterilization. Single-use technology makes the instruments highly precise.»

Dr. Andreas Rindlisbacher, deputy head physician of the surgical clinic and head of emergency surgery at Zug Canton Hospital



With OPERACE you are equipped to remove standard implant screws from various manufacturers. Clearly structured, flexible and user-friendly through the intelligent color-coding of the three set sizes for implant screws with mini, small and large fragment.


Sterile single-use inserts.


The ergonomic PB Swiss Tools handles fit the hand conveniently and allow for direct power transmission.


Time-consuming and expensive resterilization of instruments that are not required is a thing of the past. Resulting in an efficient surgical procedure and clear cost transparency.




Dr. Marc Lottenbach


Dr. Marc Lottenbach, you use the PB Swiss Tools OPERACE Medical Device in your operations – what area do you work in?

I am chief surgeon of the orthopedic clinic at the canton hospital in Freiburg. For 20 years I have been working as a surgeon in traumatology: My areas of specialization are trauma surgery as well as foot and ankle surgery.

What are you using OPERACE for?

I need this tool to remove implants, specifically screws.

How often and why does an implant have to be removed again?

For about 50 % of the patients, the implant is removed again after a few months or years. There are many reasons why an implant consisting of plates and screws has to be removed again: For example, it may irritate tendons or interfere under the skin surface. Or the patient does not feel comfortable with a piece of metal in his body. In rare cases, an allergy may be the reason for removing the metal part. For a child, the implant is generally removed anyway since the body of the child is still developing and we want to prevent the bone from growing over the implant. 

Which materials do you have to contend with as a surgeon?

Previously, bone fragments were fastened with steel screws and plates. Since the use of titanium and titanium alloys, which fuse better with bones, it is much more difficult to remove an implant. There is a risk that the use of force and the higher torque can cause the screw head to break off or that the connection between the screw and the plate is so strong that normal removal of the screw is no longer possible. For this reason, I depend on an excellent tool.

What does OPERACE consist of?

Made of hardened spring steel, it is tougher and more elastic than conventional medical-quality stainless steel and, for this reason, exhibits much less wear. 

OPERACE will initially be marketed in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Is it also suitable for use in other countries?

But of course, because the set consists of handles, which are used several times, and of single-use attachments that fit all types of screws. There are numerous types of screw heads used in surgery which vary in shape and size. OPERACE offers a corresponding screw attachment for most of the screw types. That is the unbeatable advantage of this instrument set. 

What are the other advantages of OPERACE?

In the past, I had to open an entire set, even if I only needed a single instrument. That led to an enormous sterilization effort. Today, I open only the one matching attachment, use it and then dispose of it while I do not have to touch the rest of the kit. The used individual parts are individually reordered by the hospital.


"In the past, I had to open a whole new set, even if I only needed a single instrument. That led to an enormous sterilization effort. Now, I only need to open one matching attachment, use it and then dispose of it – I don't have to touch the rest of the kit." 

Dr. Marc Lottenbach<br/>Chief surgeon in the orthopedic clinic at the canton hospital in Freiburg


OPERACE is being launched in Europe. Is its use understood at all in other cultures?

Yes – the accompanying animation clearly explains the procedures without words. This ensures that OPERACE is also suitable for other markets.

Do you use OPERACE for adults and children?

Yes, because the smaller the implant, the higher the risk that it will break during the removal.

Has there ever been such a Medical Device?

There have been some, but the quality of OPERACE is significantly higher. With OPERACE, I am using a tougher material, which is more precise, and I have a larger selection of instruments, which are always new and not worn at all. The set features a modular design and is very user-friendly.

You are one of the first surgeons who is using the new OPERACE instrument kit in surgery. How did the cooperation with PB Swiss Tools originate?

As a surgeon, I am always interested in reliable products. For this reason, I have followed the project on a regular basis. I was allowed to test the new instrument set during the development phase. After I submitted my suggestions, the set was optimized. 

How do you experience the cooperation today? Which tasks are you taking on for PB Swiss Tools?

I can still continue to contribute my experiences into perfecting the instrument set. The intensive exchange with the persons responsible for the project motivates me to participate in this PB Swiss Tools project. Because the developers for this tool manufacturer are exceptionally competent. The short communication paths between the tool engineers from PB Swiss Tools and us, the surgeons, inspire me. All the participants are always prepared to listen to improvements; suggestions are implemented immediately.

Would OPERACE have caught your eye at a trade fair?

At a medical trade fair – definitely. There has never been a system based on this concept, and the colorful PB Swiss Tools screwdriver handles are very eye-catching. 

What words would you use to recommended OPERACE to your colleagues?

OPERACE is a flexible system that offers high quality and is user-friendly.