09.05.2018 | In Focus

Encouraging girls’ interest in technical matters

During our experimental workshop in April, 13 girls built a small machine with mechanical functions and an electric motor. We accompanied them.

Although it is possible today for nearly anyone to learn nearly anything, there are still jobs that are typically for boys or typically for girls. In a technical context, it is men who dominate the market although many technical professions are also felt by women to be exciting – even if they have not got the muscle power that is generally associated with men.  With screwdrivers and drills During our experimental workshop in April 2018, 13 girls aged from 10 to 13 took the opportunity to fiddle around with screwdrivers, drills and many other tools. Under the capable supervision of our experienced employee, they designed and built a small, automated machine with figures that revolved and moved up and down. The machine was driven either by manually turning a crank or by attaching a small battery-powered motor. The highlight was then the arrival of parents, brothers & sisters to whom the girls proudly presented their machines. We were there on that day and produced a short video about it. Have fun! Impressions from the experimental workshop

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