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«Ergonomic work spaces are a benefit to everyone»

What points are important in making work spaces ergonomically better? We made some inquiries in a specialist shop.

Ergonomic work spaces improve the wellbeing of employees and workers. We place great store by ensuring that people working for us have the ideal working conditions that take their health and wellbeing into account. We are supported in this by Büro Jäggi AG in Burgdorf. We asked them what points are most important.

What does ergonomics in the workplace really involve?

In the main it includes height-adjustable workplaces and ergonomically designed seating that can be individually adjusted to suit anyone. Products like this can be employed both in office environments and in production, where the working conditions differ, in the choice of the materials used, for example.

What different needs are there? What is the key ergonomic focus in planning office workplaces?

A key point is that it is possible either to stand or to sit at will. The human body does not react well to just standing or just sitting. By using adjustable stand-up and sit-down desks, it is possible to bring variety into the office, what is referred to as active seating, so the body is often made to change position. The height of the desk can be individually set by just pressing a button. A key point to note is that the forearm should be held at a right-angle.

And what points are important in production environments?

The basic ergonomic needs are similar but the choice of materials is critical. In production, a seat must meet different requirements and the seat is not upholstered, for example, but equipped with a more resilient material so that if someone sits down with a tool in their rear pocket, it does not immediately rip a hole in the seat cover. Those working in production also appreciate the fact that these seats do not make them perspire anything like as much. For example, they have perforated padding for the seat backs for a thermoregulating impact.

Are there any other products that help to improve ergonomics in the workplace?

For people that have to stand, padded mats are a great aid to improve comfort, because they cushion jolts and prevent workers tiring.

It is a well-known fact that the staff benefit from such measures. But do improved ergonomic work spaces benefit the company as well?

Most definitely. The work atmosphere is improved if staff feel better while they are working. We are pleased that an increasing number of companies like PB Swiss Tools are taking up the baton and doing everything they can to ensure this comfortable working conditions.

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