07.11.2019 | Innovations & Trends

More than just packaging

Our products in a new guise

Uncompromising quality and precision have always been our hallmarks and have inspired our customers worldwide. And so it is hardly surprising that this approach does not stop when it comes to our brand new product packaging. In recent months, a team of packaging specialists and product designers set itself the task of giving the tools a new, attractive home.  

One of the things they came up with was to house our popular screwdriver sets in attractive paperboard boxes that are of such high quality that they could even pass for gift packaging. Not only do the boxes look good, they also feel good too. Modeled on the ergonomic and supple handles of our tools, the natural paperboard of each box has an exceptionally pleasant feel – a real hand charmer!  

The uncomplicated packaging is now even easier to open, uncovering its treasured content in just a few simple steps. But the real trick is inside: The tools are not only well and securely packed, but the practical, inlay foam holder keeps tools tidy in the carton and later in the toolbox too. 

With our new packaging solutions, we have not only expressed our commitment to producing tools of the highest standard, we have also set the bar just as high for the materials surrounding them. Why don’t you see for yourself. 

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