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Supporting rising athletic stars.

We are now sponsoring Swiss cyclist Aline Seitz and the Swiss MTB Pro Team. Cycling is a sport that harmonizes with our values - and the choice of young athletes know the importance of: Work with the best.

Aline Seitz is regarded as one of the greatest hopes in Swiss cycling. The young woman from Aargau has big plans and hopes to make it to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2020. PB Swiss Tools is now sponsoring Aline Seitz with financial support and tools.


“The rainbow colors just look great."

“Most of all I use offset screwdrivers, screwdrivers for Torx® screws and the practical box with a selection of tools. And the dead-blow mallets," says Aline Seitz. Like most athletes in cycling, she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty when it comes to maintaining her sports equipment. “A bicycle is really quite complex. When I take care of it myself, I build my relationship with the bike, and that, of course, benefits the sport."


Her target for 2019: to qualify for Tokyo 2020. (photo: alineseitz.ch)


She already knew about PB Swiss Tools before it started sponsoring her. “The mechanic in the national team also works with them. These tools can be used forever. The quality is the best, and they’re cool because they are color-coded which makes them easy to 'understand'. I don't have to think long about which tool I need. They feel good in your hand, especially the SwissGrip, and the <link de werkzeuge quality-hand-tools color-code uebersicht>rainbow colors look just great."


Cycling and PB Swiss Tools go well together

For some time now, we have been supporting young professionals by providing them with tools free of charge - for example for their participation in <link de aktuelles detail als-stromer-in-abu-dhabi>WorldSkills. By sponsoring young athletic talent, both financially and with our tools, we are further expanding our commitment. Cycling fits in with <link de ueber-uns unternehmen social-responsibility>our values: Environmentally friendly, locally anchored and known for ‘Swissness’.



Newly formed: The Swiss MTB Pro Team powered by STOLL. (Photo: pd)



“A real stroke of luck"

Our commitment to environmentally friendly and innovative sports is also extending to the Swiss MTB Pro Team which, in 2019, will be formed from the Wheeler Pro Team. One of the team's champions is Joris Ryf, whom we have already been sponsoring. Now our commitment is to the team of four. “For us, the partnership with PB Swiss Tools is a real stroke of luck", reports Manfred Kupferschmied from Play up! Sports Management GmbH in Spiez. “We are committed to long-term partnerships, and PB Swiss Tools was our preferred partner - a cool SME that survived the financial crisis without needing to outsource its production to China. Its clear commitment to Switzerland is just as appealing to us as the quality of its tools, which are, of course, already well known and appreciated in our sport."



Joris Ryf from the Swiss MTB Pro Team in action. (photo: jorisryf.ch)


“Definitely a different dimension than that of cheap tools."

Just like Aline Seitz, Joris Ryf, Ramona Kupferschmied, Jonas Stoll and Luca Schätti mainly use offset screwdrivers and screwdrivers for Torx® screws, the <link de werkzeuge quality-hand-tools drehmomentwerkzeuge highlights>DigiTorque torque tool and occasionally the plastic hammer. “It's definitely a different dimension than that of cheap tools," says Manfred Kupferschmied. "The screwdriver heads still fit snuggly into the screw heads, even years later - and the color coding on the <link de werkzeuge quality-hand-tools color-code uebersicht>Rainbow set is extremely practical. You always see straight away what you need and what is missing."


Mountain bikes are high-performance vehicles

Quality and precision are important in cycling: “Our athletes’ mountain bikes are high-performance vehicles and cost a lot of money. To maintain and repair them properly, you also need high-quality tools so that you can work well."

The Swiss MTB Pro Team also does its part in the sponsoring: Riders wear the PB Swiss Tools logo on their clothing, show PB Swiss Tools as a ‘Basic Sponsor’ on their websites and include links to the company as well as mention it in their social media.

We are delighted to be collaborating with the young athletes and wish them much success for the new season!


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