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Work with the best: Swiss Quality and Guarantee

Quality has its price – but it pays for itself over the medium and long-term. The tools from PB Swiss Tools are the best example. Professionals and home DIY enthusiasts are willing to pay a quality premium. Because - just like our slogan "Work with the best" promises – they want to work with the best tools.

In a time in which more and more companies sell their product based on price, we are rigorously focusing on quality. All PB Swiss Tools products are provided with a serial number. As a result, all production stages down to the raw materials used can be traced back. That is the seal of approval for our unique quality. 

Our screwdrivers, bits, hex key L-wrenches and striking tools feature such high quality that we provide an lifetime warranty on material or production defects – and replace the tools without further ado. Since our tools also withstand the toughest conditions, we rarely ever receive any complaints.

Quality controls and innovative strength
To be able to maintain this high level of quality, we inspect our tools several times during the production process. Anyone who owns a tool from PB Swiss Tools with a serial number, e.g., a screwdriver with our typical red handle, can trace the inspection date on the website. Internally, we can conduct the following investigations with the serial number:

  • the individual production steps from incoming to final inspection
  • the raw material declaration: material, supplier, delivery date, inspection results 
  • Information can be taken from the database going back to the year 1992.

Lasting progress
We continually develop our tools further and demonstrate innovative strength:

  • We search for steel alloys that are even more effective and long-lasting.
  • We optimize the ergonomics of the tools and improve the design of the handles.
  • We develop the properties of our raw materials for handles and extend the customer benefits for particularly demanding work. 
  • We communicate with users and accompany them during their work in order to understand their needs. New and optimized products are developed based on their requirements.

Our commitment to the production site in Wasen
We are uncompromising concerning the production of outstanding quality. For this reason, we manufacture all of our brand products at our production location in Switzerland "100 % Made in Switzerland". We continue to pursue this strategy.

Investing in quality = Saving money
Outstanding quality has its price, which is qualified in conjunction with a long service life. It is the price-performance ratio that is convincing and the reason why: 

  • Masters recommend the PB Swiss Tools brand to their apprentices
  • Superiors select our brand products for productive work
  • Tools from PB Swiss Tools are taken along whenever production sites are relocated

Serial number for lifetime warranty

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