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Quickly find the right tool

Tools in bright colors have a signaling effect: they stand out and let you quickly find the right tool. The color coding for the size or type of tool saves time on the job.

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RainBow SwissGrip

Performance and comfort in a single handle

The new four screwdriver sets for slotted, Phillips, Pozidrive and Torx® screws are available with color coding in a wall bracket. The soft handle coating of skin-friendly Santoprene® transfers high torque effortlessly.

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RainBow hex key L-wrench

Easy to locate in the workplace

The PB Swiss Tools RainBow hex key L-wrenches will delight users with their attractive colors. The sizes are color-coded. Because of this, the correct tool is quickly at hand.

The PB Swiss Tools key L-wrenches for hex head screws in inch sizes are offered in sizes from 1⁄20"" to 5⁄16"". The colors are assigned differently so that they can be easily distinguished from the RainBow hex key L-wrenches in mm (metric dimensions).

No more inaccessible screws because of the 100° angle at the particularly short key part and the ball head. The proven RainBow color coding lets you quickly find the desired size.

Our international bestseller RainBow is also available for Torx® screws: The key L-wrenches are available in sizes 6 – 25 as individual tools or in a set featuring a convenient plastic holder.

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RainBow parallel pin punches

Tool sizes can be recognized quickly

The highest quality is hiding under the attractive powder coating: Specially alloyed steel featuring a high degree of hardness and distinct elasticity guarantees safe work with the tool. In case of overloading, the parallel pin punches deform elastically and plastically. This allows them not to break without prior warning.

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Personal Pocket Tools

Always on hand

The popular traveling companions are available in six attractive colors. They can be selected according to personal taste or assigned to the individuals associated with the team. These tools are ideal as they save space and weight.

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SwissGrip screwdrivers

Color-coded screw symbols

One glance, one reach: The right tool is quickly available thanks to color coding according to the screw symbol and size.

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Color coding according to screw type

Color coding according to screw type improves visibility and speeds up finding the correct bit.

The balance of outstanding toughness and hardness distinguishes PB Swiss Tools PrecisionBits. The PrecisionBits are suitable for all types of screwdriving applications.

The use of bits with different degrees of hardness and coatings is no longer necessary - stock keeping is simplified.

Thanks to the color coding, the right bit is quickly available. The colored plasma coating also provides an attractive protection against rust. The comprehensive selection covers the daily demands in industry and trade.

Their precise manufacturing ensures an optimal fit in the screws. This saves the screws and allows an exceptionally long service for the bits.

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Custom Tool Sets

Your own company color and printed logo

Ideal for events such as company opening ceremonies and anniversaries or as gifts for customers and employees.

Starting at 500 units per different handle type, we will deliver the handles of the classic or multicraft screwdrivers in the colors you desire. For example, a screwdriver set in your corporate color. Or a tool set in the colors of the rainbow. We would be glad to provide you with assistance and meet your requirements.

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