22.08.2017 | Innovations & Trends

New: Individually printable roll-up and tool cases

Give as a gift or have it given: Our new roll-up and tool cases will impress with regard to content and outfitting. No screw will remain loose, either at home or on the road. Design it yourself online, now and order immediately!

Some of us know the saying that a true girl scout always has a pocket knife in her pocket. This is already more difficult with a screwdriver. Fortunately, there are alternatives - and still good-looking ones: We have developed new roll-up and tool cases - not only for women, but also for women. We have carefully considered what they would like in a tool: "In cooperation with universities, we have scientifically investigated 'gender marketing'", reports CEO Eva Jaisli. "One question was in the foreground: Can a need for gender-specific tools be derived from the requirements of women for hand tools?"

The answer may be surprising because it is: No. The results showed that women, as well as men, only want one thing; namely, to be guaranteed the best hand tools. However, women orient themselves more frequently to trends and have a higher priority for color choice and design than men.


Roll-up and tool cases for him and her

The new roll-up cases are available in six cool colors that appeal to both women and men. They contain a screwdriver set with interchangeable blades and can be individually printed upon request with a photo and/or text, also as a single product - perfect as a gift for a wedding, for Confirmation or a housewarming party for your best girlfriend.

The new tool cases can also be individually printed and are available in three colors plus black. They contain interchangeable blades, Knipex 160 mm combination pliers and a Knipex 150 mm pliers wrench.


Design it yourself online, order - it's done!

It's very easy: Select the product, upload the image or logo (optional), enter the text/name, check the product preview, order - it's done!

Want more? Then check out our gift shop and let yourself be inspired!


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