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Our “Red Dot” has won THE award!

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The innovative 9-in-1 multi-tool with the red centerpiece from PB Swiss Tools has now also won the hearts of the jury of the probably best-known prize for product design. It is not a surprise that our universal cabinet key has been awarded the Red Dot Award. Because the innovative PB 900.V01 has long been a guiding light on all roads for house technicians, service staff and all-rounders. Many keep their favorite star-shaped tool on their key ring and are glad to always have this cleverly designed multi-tool at hand for their daily work. 

Diverse building technology – one compact tool 

With its compact star shape, this genuine innovation made of high-performance polymer sits securely in your hand. The outstanding grip guarantees high torques when opening and closing flaps, doors and gates. The removable red centerpiece of the multifunction tool serves as a practical bit holder. The bits can be exchanged and equipped according to individual needs. Thus, the multi-tool is also suitable for loosening and tightening screws of all kinds. 

Nine functions weighing only 37 grams

This innovative universal cabinet key with nine functions is the perfect key ring for all skilled workers: square, triangular, double bits, mixing jets, slotted and Phillips screws with switchgear systems, barriers and technology services in buildings. The recess for the bit holder can be used when working with the water supply for replacing mixing jets and spray regulators.

Red Dot Award – synonym for good product design

Established in 1955, the annual award recognizes the products that stand out most for their design and innovation. The international panel of 50 experts from a wide range of fields examines the products submitted in a process lasting several days for formal quality, ergonomics and durability – always “in search of good design and innovation”.

High-ranking jury – strong competition

Countless participants from all over the world compete for the Red Dot Award. The evaluation criteria are correspondingly strict. PB Swiss Tools is thus particularly overjoyed to be one of the winners of the coveted Red Dot Award “Product Design 2021” and naturally appreciates the congratulatory words of the jury president: “I was particularly impressed by the winners this year. The design of your product is outstanding in terms of aesthetics and functionality.” For us, this is a great incentive, but also proof that we are on the right track in the development of our innovative hand tools. 

Red Dot – what is true for paintings is also true for tools

The red dot has a very special meaning in the art world. This also applies to the award-winning 9-in-1 tool from PB Swiss Tools. Because this innovative cabinet key has long since been a bestseller in the world of skilled workers – even before it was awarded the Red Dot. 

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